Clear PS2 Is The Crystal Edition We Deserved

Every so often, console manufacturers release a crystal edition of their hardware that never really lives up to the hype. The manufacturing realities of producing optically clear plastic mean the expense is rarely justified, even for a special edition. Instead, we get hazy, smoky translucent cases that are comparatively underwhelming. Here to rectify that, [BitHead1000] delivers on a properly transparent PlayStation2.

While the title calls it a Glass PS2, the cutting tools used and the labels on the material make it pretty clear (pun intended) that this build uses acrylic. Regardless, it’s an attractive material all on its own, and much more suited for such a build. To get the best possible visual effect, the internal shielding is removed and tossed in the bin, with plastic standoffs used to hold things in place instead. The case is then assembled around the components, giving an unparalleled view of the hardware inside.

It’s undeniably cool to watch the optical drive doing its thing inside the case when it’s switched on, and a few internal LEDs only add to the spectacle. We’ve seen [BitHead1000] pull off other casemodding feats, too, such as the fire breathing N64. Video after the break.

13 thoughts on “Clear PS2 Is The Crystal Edition We Deserved

    1. It has not been tested by the collective and the chairman of the Borg said, it must assimilate. If it fails it will be eliminated and be blown to smithereens . They will then go back to playing with their rubrics cubes

  1. As sung to the tune of “I Can See Clearly Now”

    I can see clearly now your MAME is gone
    I can see all components in your game
    Gone is the dark chassis, now that was lame

    It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
    Bright high contrast display

    It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
    Bright Play Station day

    Yes I have been isolated from any human contact due to COVID.

  2. I wonder how wise it is to have the DVD drive exposed behind clear acrylic in the long run.
    How does the laser in these things behave when no disc is inserted? Is the laser still on?
    And how much would the acrylic refract the laser beam if the laser would be on with no disc inserted?

    1. It could be a hazard for a DVD writer but a reader is less than 5mw and, since the focus is so tight, would be spread out to a harmless power density by the time it left the case even if that power were higher.

  3. Bithead1000 is the Dude! He has created many “Glass” console creations, and I hope he keeps the focus, and continues to excite those of us who have true passion for all the extraordinary pieces of gaming history which await a change as dominant as those created by him! That PS2 is one of creations which rival the Gods… Immaculate.

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