DIY High Voltage Kirlian Photography Rig

High voltage is a fun, if dangerous, thing to play with. [Mirko] is an enthusiast in this space, and built a high-voltage Kirlian photography device that’s capable of creating some stunning images.

The construction of the device itself is basic. High-frequency, high-voltage electricity is connected to a metal object placed on one side of a glass plate. On the other side, salt water is pooled, and connected to a second electrode. This creates a transparent window through which the electrical discharge can be viewed either by eye or with a digital camera. Historically, this was done with photographic film in place of the transparent window, but the principle is the same.

Popular in the paranormal and alternative medicine spaces, the actual scientific application of Kirlian photography is minimal. Rather, it’s an interesting way to explore high voltages that creates some pretty results! If you find yourself becoming a fan of high voltage, you might also consider your own Tesla coil build, too. Video after the break.

4 thoughts on “DIY High Voltage Kirlian Photography Rig

  1. I wonder if it can highlight some microscopic features or defects of object’s surface, like, finding coarser or slightly more prominent spots, or places with chemical or radioactive impurities?

  2. I played with this back in high school using the old Polaroid film, having to keep it in the dark the whole way through. Not much hard science to be had, but try this: take an image of a leaf or other living thing, then remove a piece and take another image…

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