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We have a scooter hack that is odd for a couple of reasons. First, the vehicle in question is a Doc Green EWA 6000, a German clone of a Xiaomi M365, so Country stereotypes be darned. Second, it is about increasing the performance, and when we think of scooters, we get hung up on scoot. The link between these peculiarities is the speed limiter Germany requires on all scooters, which the Chinese model lacks. Despite the law, [Nikolaj] wanted a higher top speed and Bluetooth connectivity. Wireless unlocks advanced features, like cruise control, which are absent in the stock model.

The mainboard is responsible for speed control, but that is merely a component, and you can find third-party replacements. [Nikolaj] found a new part with a German forum member’s help, then recorded his work in English for our sake. The speed boost is nice, but the Bluetooth functionality is a massive improvement by itself. If you live in an area where the law doesn’t allow this sort of thing, think before you upgrade. Aftermarket parts aren’t always drop-in replacements, and in this case, the controller and display needed some finessing to fit, so measure twice and buy once.

If tearing into a brand new scooter isn’t for you, consider breathing new life into a retiree, and don’t forget that stopping is the other half of the battle.

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  1. OP here. This hack was very satisfying to get working even though the replacement parts were tricky to fit in. The scooter is far more practical with a higher speed and Bluetooth (which functions similarly to Bluetooth connectivity on the popular M365). Happy to answer questions.

    1. I wouldn’t care so so much about the law.

      It’s more the injury to persons. If you are ever involved in an accident and injure a third party, your remaining live will be spend in paying bills. And no, third party liability insurance won’t pay and personal insolvency won’t help, the debt was caused by a felony.

      And due to the high bills, I ensure you a busload of technical experts will check even the smallest screw of the scouter for manipulation.

      (Should apply to almost all European laws.)

      1. Must be a thing like banning 3 wheel ATVs over here in the U.S. simply to protect people from their own idiocy. Really, come up with something that turns out to be a hazard to everyone and then get injured on it and sue the manufacturers.

    1. That is a strange restriction. It’s hard to think such a restriction is anything but corruption unless they have exceedingly strict regulation on what other qualifications are needed to be a street legal scooter.

  2. Kindly note that removing the speed limiter is illegal and while scooter legislation is a grey area in development, at least in Spain (where in compliance with EU regulations we also have speed limiters) we had people getting quite hefty fines for “scooting too fast” (ie: a guy going 50kph weaving through traffic).

    The bluetooth interface is amazing :)

  3. A long time ago in a land before electric scooters, made a rocket powered skateboard. First test without a victim on it used a single large rocket motor with an ejection charge in it. Plan was 5 with staged ignition and no charges when fully loaded with a volunteer. But after seeing the first test result in a high speed collision with a small pebble, a somersault and a loud bang after it plummeted into a bush – volunteers/victims were in short supply. Filled Reading University’s walled garden with a lot of smoke too – perfect place for testing as very out of the way…

    The plan was something like 10 of these, though it may have been slightly larger ones:

    Anyhow, the above electric scooter would, i feel, be enhanced with rockets. And perhaps a spare pair of trousers in a backpack.

    1. Ha, a plan for 5 and 10! Answered door half way through the above, didn’t read the first bit and remembered something about 25 kg of thrust :O) Also remembered the potential volunteer’s name – Neil – the right kind of name for stuff to do with rockets.

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