Do Wristwatches Get Any Better Than A Cuckoo Clock?

There are few better ways of asserting your independent spirit as a hardware hacker than by creating your own special timepiece. Even more so if the timepiece is a watch, particularly in this era of smartwatches. Few home-made timepieces though have come as near to wristwatch Nirvana as the cuckoo clock wristwatch from [Kiyotaka Akasaka], which we would venture to name as having won wristwatches. Nobody will top this one in the field of home-made clocks!

Superlatives aside, this is an electronic cuckoo clock on the wrist, with an LED ring dial and a motorised cuckoo, all clothed in an authentically rustic tiny wooden cuckoo clock case. It communicates via BLE with a smartphone, and even has a sound channel for a cuckoo sound. Frustratingly there’s little in the way of detail about the electronics themselves, but we’re guessing that almost Bluetooth-capable microcontroller could be pressed into service. Take a look at the video below the break.

So we’ve established that it’s a cuckoo clock wristwatch, and that we like it, a lot. It is however not the only novelty cuckoo clock we’ve brought you.

10 thoughts on “Do Wristwatches Get Any Better Than A Cuckoo Clock?

  1. Just the other day I was wondering if someone could create a cuckoo watch as a curiosity. I wasn’t envisioning a small cuckoo clock though. I was thinking something that look normal but with a figurine that periodically came out the side.

    I did like the smart watch comparison at the end.

      1. Ohhhhh wowww. Beautiful work of art ! Wish i could afford one.

        Reminds me of a History Channel show on automata like the singing bird boxes that King Louis the ?? had. .

  2. Right now I have eight cuckoo clocks–the real wooden ones–waiting to be repaired. Mostly their brass works just need cleaning. Unfortunately, my hand tremor is stalling the process, and I have to work very slowly. Some full-size electronic cuckoo movements are being manufactured.

    1. That’s great that you have those to work on, and it sure must be frustrating to have your body not doing all you want.

      This project is certainly excellent, my hat is off to you both.

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