Get Yourself A Pupper (For Education)

While the disquieting appearance of some of the robots coming out of DARPA and other labs might give us some reservations about how much intelligence we want to give to those robots, there’s a lot to be learned from them before their inevitable global takeover. This small quadruped called the Mini Pupper is just the robot for that job. With a low cost and familiar platform, it’s the ideal robot to learn some of the tricks of the trade.

For a quadruped so small, some unique changes had to be made to ensure the robot’s functionality. There have been a few developments since it was first shown over a year ago. The first was to design a custom servo that could handle the unique characteristics of this robot. From there, some other improvements were made to the robot chassis such as using threaded rods for ease of assembly and maintenance. Some other things have stayed the same though like using a Raspberry Pi to handle the control systems and self-navigation.

Of course everything needed to make this robot yourself is open source, from the code to the schematics. For experimenting with quadrupeds and even with automatic navigation, this would be a great way to get started, and the small size will also limit its ability for a Skynet-style takeover as well. That’s a nice bonus.

14 thoughts on “Get Yourself A Pupper (For Education)

  1. Awesome little bot! Would have been a great stepping stone between a turtle bot on the way to a biped walker. The gap there is huge and could do with a few steps. Mention this as was working for a start-up that decided to make this jump.


    1. You got the really point, this is our target, haha. We are trying our best to enable more interesting demos to fill the gap step by step. Very appreciated if you can give us some more advice. Best Regards

  2. Many thanks! Actually, we are preparing more interesting demos and will release the draft video next week. Will launch on Kickstarter or Indiegogo soon, very appreciated if anyone supports us or give us some advice! Contact us by mail( ) for early birds special price :)

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