2021 Chaos Communication Congress Cancelled

With mass vaccination programmes and careful application of public health measures it almost feels for some of us as though the pandemic is under control. Any thoughts of it being over are illusory though, and if further reminders were needed we have the news that once more this year’s Chaos Communication Congress has been cancelled due to the safety of its attendees and the extra precautions that its organizers would have to undertake.

This event in Leipzig between Christmas and New Year is probably the largest of the European gatherings in our community, and its loss will be a great disappointment. Last year’s cancelled event was replaced by a remote one, we’ll see whether they repeat that feat in 2021. If so, we’ll be there, virtually.

We can only sympathise with our German friends, as while it must be extremely annoying it’s to their credit that they are taking the pandemic seriously. We’re sure that they will be back with the same event in 2022 as the world slowly inches towards normality, and Hackaday will be there to bring you the best of the event.

Somehow we didn’t do a big overview post of the 36C3 in 2019, so if you want to bask in the glory of a Congress, you have to travel back in time all the way to 35C3 in 2018, long before the arrival of COVID-19.

Header image: Yves Sorge, CC BY-SA 2.0.

24 thoughts on “2021 Chaos Communication Congress Cancelled

  1. Vaccines work on the variant that they are designed to work on.

    If dimwits keep mutating the virus then we have an endless loop of while(virus varient !=0)

    On a happy fact we only have 2 to 3 influenza viruses so maybe by next year if people stop spreading it we might not need the flue vaccine!!!! (who am I kidding dimwits think freedom to spread a controllable plague is their right)..

  2. Both statements are true.
    They work against what they were designed to suppress.
    They may not work against current and all future mutations, but they may reduce your odds of death.

    But best to do your own research instead of listening to some random bloke on the Internet.

    1. > … do your own research …

      Unfortunately actually *doing* such research is not feasible for – I don’t know – 99,9% of the population and the only thing we can do is “listen” to some random blokes on the netz.

      Distinguishing random idiots w/wo fumbled together half scientific sounding reasons from people who actually know their stuff is – as it seems – difficult for too many people.

      hmmm…. maybe some kind of science blockchain(s) with peer reviewed papers + some kind derived PGP keys so actual scientist can sing their work and public statements and we the consumers can verify the signatures against the blockchain.

  3. > Do vaccines work, or not?

    Yes, they definitely work.

    If you’re vaccinated and get exposed to COVID your body will react much faster and greatly reduce the effect the virus has on you.

    Period. End of argument.

    1. Not really. Someone has to do the work.

      I gladly got vaccinated twice, even though a year ago I knew it wouldn’t be effective because of the drug I get that dimishes my immune system. So I’ve stayed in for 18 months because I will get sick if I catch the Virus.

      There is little chance the vaccine will negatively affect you, but since you can get vaccinated, and presumably it will work for you, it’s silly to stay home to avoid the vaccine.

    1. “The suspension will be in place until experts examine whether there is a link between the woman’s death from a stroke and the vaccine she received two weeks earlier,” (Al Jazeera)

      “We are temporarily stopping until all details related to this case are clarified,” Poklukar told reporters in Ljubljana. […] Slovenian media have reported that the woman was hospitalised in a serious condition on Monday, days after receiving the single-dose Janssen vaccine produced by the US pharmaceutical company. (euronews)

      “Slovenia has temporarily suspended use of the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) Covid-19 vaccine after a 20-year-old woman died of a brain hemorrhage and blood clots just days after getting the jab.” (RTE)

      “A young woman who was inoculated with the J&J jab two weeks ago died on Tuesday after developing “blood clots and bleeding in the brain at the same time,” according to medics. […] The J&J shots will remain frozen until the probe into the possible link between the woman’s death and the jab is completed,” (RT)

      A bit of a tangent (or some mad online research skills) to say with confidence at this point that “Some of them do not work as expected:”.

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