Hackaday Remoticon: What’s Happening Right Now

Hackaday Remoticon banner

Here’s what you need to know to take part in the Hackaday Remoticon Today.

Notable Events:

All talk and schedule information is available on the conference webpage, but here are the things you don’t want to miss (all times are Pacific time zone):

  • 10:10 am | Keynote: Keith Thorne
  • 5:25 pm | Keynote: Jeremy Fielding
  • 6:25 pm | Hackaday Prize Ceremony
  • 7:35pm | After party live set from DJ Jackalope — watch on Twitch, socialize on Discord

One thought on “Hackaday Remoticon: What’s Happening Right Now

  1. Well I got to watch a number of speakers on the Youtube livestream and wow I was impressed. The electricity smart meter guy’s analysis was amazing! Also the return of chip whisperer and going from a logic get to CPU in 40 minutes was great too.
    I’m not much of a ‘chatty’ person so I didn’t sign up for Discord but enjoyed Remoticon just as it was presented. Good Work Hackaday and contributors!

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