Macropopsicle Melts On Your Desk, Not In Your Mouth


We all know by now that macropads are super cool shortcut machines. And what’s cooler than a popsicle? Well, this cute little thing, which goes by the name of Macropopsicle.

The freezer’s open if you want your own Macropopsicle. There’s not much more to this tasty and practical desktop treat than an adafruit QT Py, a couple of Cherry MX-style switches, some wires, and a handful of printed parts. One cool thing about this design is that all the pieces print with little to no supports, and many of them snap together.

We say there’s a lot to like about Macropopsicle — it’s cute, it’s useful, and there’s even a little bite taken out of it that you can see in some of the renders. [oxisidia] even shoved a real popsicle stick in there to complete the look.

Keyboard aficionados will no doubt recognize Macropopsicle as a great companion to Milk, a 2% keyboard.

6 thoughts on “Macropopsicle Melts On Your Desk, Not In Your Mouth

    1. While a 32bit micro is quite overkill for two buttons, the board is affordable, has native USB, etc etc. I don’t think the OP made a bad choice, mostly as I don’t believe the 8-bit micros were never as accessibly. I would like to encourage you to build something with uPython some time. While it is not optimal, you can build projects in minutes instead of days.

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