Meowing Box Will Befuddle Your Friends

If you don’t own a cat, hearing the sound of one meowing from somewhere in the house probably comes as quite a shock. The Cat Prank box built by [Reuben] promises to deliver such hilarity with aplomb. 

The idea is simple: hide the Cat Prank box in a cupboard or other space in a friend’s house, and it will meow from its secret location. When found, either the light sensor or motion sensor will trigger the yowling of an angry feline, with hopefully startling effects.

An Arduino Mini is the brains of the operation, paired with an XY-V17B sound module which plays the required animal wailings. There’s also a 433 MHz radio module that lets the prankster trigger meowing via remote control.

Code is available for those wishing to build their own. We’d love to see a mod with a time delay built in, so the device could be hidden and left to start meowing at some later date when the prankster is far away.

Similar work has graced these pages before, like the devilishly fiendish OpenKobold design. Just make sure your friends are receptive to such jokes before you go ahead and invest time and hardware in the prank!

11 thoughts on “Meowing Box Will Befuddle Your Friends

  1. In the summer,I have resident cat birds,which get there name from the sounds they make,inconspicuos birds that are a bit teritorial,and they eat bees,lots of bees and other insects,so they are an indicator species for ecosystem health and lack of insecticides.
    They do all this while sounding like a cat,no circuits or actual cats

  2. Electronics Australia magazine had a little 2xIC project in the mid 80s called “Cudlipp Cricket” that made chirping sounds until it detected noise or light, when it would go silent. I built a couple into high-lighter pens and left them in workmates’ desk drawers. Drove them mad!

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