Flexible Grip For Hammer Made With 3D Printing Pen

When it comes to putting a flexible grip on a tool, you might reach for a self-fusing silicone tape or other similar product. However, [Potent Printables] has discovered you can easily create a flexible grip using a 3D-printing pen and some flex filament.

In this case, a hammer first gets a layer of blue painters tape wrapped around its wooden handle. This serves as a base layer to promote good adhesion. A simple paper template was then printed as a guide for creating the graphics on the flexible grip. Flexible filament was fed through the 3D pen, with the red and black details of the graphics printed first. Then, white flex filament was used to make the rest of the flexible grip. A wood burning tool was then used to smooth out the first layer of flex filament, before a second layer was added on top.

The result is a flexible white grip on the hammer which is stuck fast, likely due to shrinkage as the plastic cooled after printing. We’ve seen some other creative grips made with 3D printing before, too. Video after the break.

[Thanks to Keith Olson for the tip!]

17 thoughts on “Flexible Grip For Hammer Made With 3D Printing Pen

      1. Come on, this is a good quality video. There are more ways of doing stuff and this certainly is a novel way of tackling this problem. If you prefer the plastidip, go with the plastidip and make a video to show us how you did the symbols on the handle.

    1. You know the saying, when you have a hammer, everything look like a nail.
      I agree plastidip has a nice finish and takes 2 min to apply. But you don’t get the views by using 3D printing goo.

  1. Somehow in the early 90s, I got hold of a crap load of foam rubber grip tube intended for bicycle handlebars, so I was cutting pieces off and making deeeeeelux grips on hand tools… unfortunately it only lasted about 5 years before it all stiffened up and cracked off. IDK if I got hold of it cheap/free (Not recalling which) because it was a batch they forgot to put the UV stabiliser in or something. Anyway, it came off pretty clean, a little minor powdery crumbing.

    1. Sme as a (flexible) foam grip on a hammer: dampens the rebound forces, avoids getting splinters, improves the grip.

      This one also has some graphics, probably a good place for a logo, or personalizing your favorite hammer so it doesn’t get accidentally lost in someone else’s tool bag.

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