Flipper Zero Mayhem Hat Adds Camera, More Radios

For a device advertised as the “Multi-tool Device for Hackers”, the Flipper Zero already offers a considerable list of onboard capabilities. But some hard decisions had to be made to get the retail price down, so features like WiFi and Bluetooth had to be left off. Luckily, there’s an expansion interface along the top of the device which makes it possible to plug in additional hardware.

One of those expansions is the “Mayhem Hat” from [Erwin Ried]. This board adds many requested features to the Flipper Zero, as well as some that might not seem as obvious. The addition of an ESP32-CAM brings WiFi and Bluetooth to the party, while also unlocking access to the highly-capable ESP32Marauder firmware and the plethora of security research tools therein.

But the camera also enables some interesting features, such as motion detection and the ability to read QR codes. It even lets you use the Flipper as an impromptu digital camera, complete with an onscreen viewfinder reminiscent of the Game Boy Camera.

What’s more, the Mayhem Hat features its own expansion capabilities. There’s a spot to plug in either a CC1101 or NRF24l01 radio module, both of which are supported by community developed plugins that allow the user to sniff out and hijack signals. There are also extra pins for connecting your own sensors or hardware. In the demo video below you can see the device automatically detect the popular DHT11 environmental sensor and display the current temperature and humidity readings.

[Erwin] has the Mayhem Hat up for sale on Tindie, but as of this writing, is currently out of stock. Apparently, demand for the add-on boards is just as high as for the Flipper Zero itself — not a huge surprise, given the excitement we saw around this platform during its $4.8 million Kickstarter campaign.

28 thoughts on “Flipper Zero Mayhem Hat Adds Camera, More Radios

  1. They’re still in stock for Europe, but they’ve been unable to get them easily imported through US customs for months for some reason, and from what i can tell they got one batch into their US shipper only to almost immediately go back out of stock a month or so ago.

    1. Thanks. I actually had no idea why these couldn’t be purchased in the USA anymore, but your comment helped me search on the drama.

      I could hold one somewhere and pick it up next time I travel but I’m never sure about TSA…

      1. TSA doesn’t care, because its not illegal and its approved by the FCC. It can’t affect an airplane, look at the freqs airports use.

        I personally have traveled with one, I have also traveled with a hackrf portapack, which could affect airplanes/airports with no issues

        1. I know ppl (direct friends) that TSA wanted to confiscate the flipper. And is officially banned in Brazil.

          In US TSA friends got away showing that they worked for a security company and was used as a job tool

          Its FCC legal and is imported and sold legally, but somehow .gov is not happy with it.

          For Brazil article, search BleepingComputer site for “Brazil seizing flipper zero”

      2. I’ve been kicked from banned from my apartment I was supposed to live on over owning this and learning NFC pretty shitty deal for the 240 summodd I paid for the thing but then again at least I got mine what just about to upgrade to proxmark3

    1. It is a good device for learning about a variety of things, NFC/RFID, and RF. I used it as an entry point for RF and at this point can programatically generate 8 different, valid, RF protocols through python scripts I have written and some tools that Trix (rtl_433) developed and/or sox.

      That said most people kids that get them watched a tiktok and aren’t interested in learning, they are only interest in replaying stuff.

      That all said, I prefer my Yardstick 1 even though it is a bit buggy since I am already working in python.

      1. Kind of expensive for just a learning tool. Replaying could be handy though, for my car key, work badge etc. Although I don’t use tiktok so I don’t know what they do with it. Not really interested in illegal things. Thanks for the comment.

        1. RF is expensive, and you illustrate perfectly the type of person that typically buys one. It will NOT work for your car keys. There are some exploits for RKE that I have successfully used, but they don’t work on everything. Rolling Code is a thing.

          In addition it depends what your work badge is. If its RFID, yeah it will probably work. If it is DESfire, it definitely won’t work.

          Like many complex pieces of tech, the capability of the device depends on the knowledge you posses, and in order to figure out how to get around stuff, you need to know how that stuff works.

          1. it is probably more secure that other means, since is a bit obscure device. As 2FA it inputs the code for me as keyboard, so it is awesome to carry (plus it stores all my nfc cards as backup, like office token… which also require a password so it is not like anyone can use them)

  2. still awkward that the zero isnt available more throughout europe. I found one online shop in germany that has them, doesnt look like a big box store though, more like average joe trying to make some business. also domain is abit whack: raspi-corner.online – for a store carrying the zero? either way, ordered one, worst case I’ll have to dispute the card payment…
    still weird considering the hype around the flipper zero, and the fact they are not even illegal here in germany…

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