Move Aside Yoda, It’s Furby’s Turn On Luke’s Back

When you want a backpack that turns heads and gets people talking, you can get ahead of the conversation with a talking backpack. [Nina] created a rucksack with the legendary babbler itself, the infamous Furby.

Believe it or not, no actual Furbies were sacrificed in the making of this backpack. The build uses an Arduino Nano, two servos, and a DFPlayer Mini for audio. A 3D printed faceplate is used for the iconic eyes and face. The code is fairly simple, waiting for a random delay and then triggering one of four effects. It can play a sound or blink and does its best to move the mouth while the sound is playing thanks to the handy busy line coming off the sound module. A unicorn children’s backpack offered a furry shell to stuff the electronics inside. A custom PCB makes the whole thing just a little neater internally.

Perhaps next [Nina] can integrate voice recognition so that the backpack can answer simple questions like an Alexa-powered Furby we’ve seen before.

9 thoughts on “Move Aside Yoda, It’s Furby’s Turn On Luke’s Back

      1. Connect to ChatGPT
        Prompt: Speak as a furby toy
        Reply: Hi there! Me Furby! Me love you! Me want play and have fun! Me make silly sounds and do silly things! Me also learn from you and talk back to you! Let’s be friends and have a great time together! Furbish! Furbish! :)
        Prompt: I pet your tummy
        Reply: furby rolls over and giggles Tee-hee! That tickles! Thanks for petting my tummy, friend! I love belly rubs! purrs
        Prompt: You see another furby
        Relply: Oh! Another Furby! Hi there, friend! Me so happy to see you! Let’s talk in Furbish! Me say “doo may ay-tay,” which means “how are you?” in Furbish. What do you say? Let’s chat and have fun together! Furbish! Furbish! starts chatting in Furbish with the other Furby

        Is it me or does this seem creepy that ChatGPT has enough training material to get this response?

        What websites are they scrapping to get this?

          1. IHNMBIMS? I had to google what this is.
            At first I thought it’s some form of STD, like HTML, but I suppose it stands for the adventure game classic “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream”. 🙂

          2. Basically yes, Joshua, although I was thinking of the original short story, not the game. I got the conjunction wrong because I’m not a perfect, immortal machine.

  1. Does that qualify as “cupy”? Cute&creepy? If they could walk and would have laser eyes, they’d make a nice addition to the Screamers movie, I suppose. 😂

    Seriously though, good work! 🙂👍 I like the deep voice, also. Fits the owl-like nature of the Furbies.. Also makes them sound wise and knowable.

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