Supercon 2023 Is On, We Want You!

We’re absolutely excited to be able to announce that the Hackaday Supercon is on for 2023, and will be taking place Nov 3 – Nov 5 in sunny Pasadena CA. And with that, we’d like to open the floodgates: we’d like to hear your proposals for talks and workshops! The Call for Speakers and Call for Workshops forms are online now, and you’ve got until July 18th to get yourself signed up.

It seems like only six months ago that we were all gathered together, soldering in the back alley, hatching grand plans for world domination, or simply trying to figure out how to program a four-bit computer to blink some darn LEDs. But here we are, as [James Newton] pointed out, at the furthest point from the Supercon Sun. With every passing day we sail closer toward the next Supercon than to the last one. (And frankly, it’s easier to wait in anticipation than to build a time machine.)

So start thinking of what you’d like to bring, what you’d like to present, and what you’d like to teach others in a hands-on workshop. Supercon is a fantastic event to geek out, to share the inevitable stories of tragedy and triumph that accompany any serious project, and to introduce yourself to a large community of like-minded hackers. Like last year, we’ll be featuring both longer and shorter talks, and hope to get a great mix of both first-time presenters and Hackaday luminaries. And as always, presenters get in for free, get their moment in the sun, and get a high-five from the Hackaday audience. Get yourself signed up now!

15 thoughts on “Supercon 2023 Is On, We Want You!

  1. There are a few semi-dodgy (but cheap) motels in Highland Park and Eagle Rock. While these are a little bit away from Pasadena, you can take the gold line (or uber/lyft) to Pasadena without too much hassle. And they won’t be part of the lodging crush that afflicts Pasadena anytime more than a dozen people decide to visit. I may also have some airbnb units available by then, too, so i will make sure to post the hackaday discount, if everything goes according to plan.


    1. At the minimum, the main stage talks will be streamed live, and the Discord server will have several channels for chatting/socializing during the event. We have some other ideas that we’ll try and bring online as well, but too early to say for sure.

  2. Woooo! Super excited. I enjoyed last year so much.

    I told myself last year that I wanted to have a project done and ready for supercon this year…. unfortunately that hasn’t happened. Life got in the way as usual.

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