Open Source OLED Nametag Is Full Of Features

Ever wanted a sweet OLED nametag with fancy features like daylight readability, automatic brightness adjustment, GIF animation support, all-day runtime, easy web interface, and more? [TobleMiner]’s OLED Nametag is the project you want to keep an eye on in that case.

It’s still an early prototype, but the feature list looks great and works with a variety of OLED modules that are easily available. The enclosure can be 3D printed, and while there is very little spare room inside the housing, [TobleMiner] has clearly made the most of all available space. Some PCB fab houses offer component placement these days, and the board is designed with exactly that in mind.

We’ve seen a batteryless E-paper display make a serviceable nametag in the past, and while those offer high contrast and wide viewing angles, they lack the sort of features this project is bursting at the seams with. Affordable access to good components and the ability to have high-quality PCBs made on demand has really raised the bar in terms of what a hacker project can work with in recent years, and we love to see it expressed in projects like this one.

5 thoughts on “Open Source OLED Nametag Is Full Of Features

  1. similar esp S3 screen but more key (I alvays wrote about more than 4 buttons on board) and power (I was alvays wrote about power on motherboard ;) )
    oled need more power therefore power must be bigger.
    And meybe fit fuzix on this?

    1. Those electronic shelf price tags are usually static. They can’t change what they display without some kind of content server.
      I need something capable of showing dynamic content (switch text ever 10 minutes or so) and running off the grid.

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