Pizza Elevator Is The Most Vital Pandemic Technology Of All

Remember the darkest days of lockdown and the pandemic? We were trying to distance ourselves from strangers wherever possible. [scealux]’s pizza elevator was spawned at this time to make apartment pizza deliveries as contactless as possible, and it’s charmingly branded to boot.

The build was intended to loft a pizza from street level to a third-floor balcony (by the American convention, ground floor is numbered one). Built with CNC-cut wooden parts, the elevator frame snap-fits on to the balcony railing. From there, a single spool runs out wire to four corners of the elevator platform.

As the crank is turned, the platform lowers under its own weight. The pizza can then be placed on the platform, and dinner can be lifted back up to the apartment. It’s a simple design, and one that manages to lift the pizza in a stable and flat fashion. With that said, we’d still like to see some anti-tip railings on a potential revision two.

Mock the branding all you will, it’s actually a smart design choice. The recognizable logo made the device’s purpose super obvious to the pizza delivery person, easing the introduction of the technology to a new user base.

If you want to make your own pizza instead of ordering out, you can automate that too.

14 thoughts on “Pizza Elevator Is The Most Vital Pandemic Technology Of All

  1. Anti-tip railings?

    First of all, we tip our food delivery guys here in the states.

    Second of all… if a hot pizza is put that far on it’s side, the toppings slide right off.

    1. We don’t tip out delivery drivers here in the State as I work a job and no one gives me tips. I expect my employer to pay my wage, not the customers.

      Also, tips as many don’t know have their roots in slavery or segregation. Tipping: An American Social History of Gratuities, wrote in 1902 that he was embarrassed to offer a tip to a white man. “Negroes take tips, of course; one expects that of them—it is a token of their inferiority,” he wrote. “Tips go with servility, and no man who is a voter in this country is in the least justified in being in service.”

  2. I seriously doubt this works. At least not reliably with any wind.

    Think about the oscillations as the strings get shorter. You’d be doing good to get half the pizzas up.

    Granted you would be dodging a bullet if you’d ordered Dahmer-nose pizza…When Jeff had collected enough noses he was going to open a pizzeria.

  3. People will look back on those days and see an exceptionally silly period in history. People larping as if ordering takeout and watching hulu for a year-long vacation (which only the world’s teeny tiny population of email workers could enjoy) was saving the world.. I saw people wear three masks! Amazing. People really shouldn’t want to keep calling attention to it.

    1. I dare you to show up at a ‘woke’ event in an English bobby outfit and do the Chapman ‘stop it, stop it, that’s silly’ bit.

      I saw an idiot driving alone wearing a mask, last week!?

      1. A mask could help against facial recognition (either automatic or by passing humans), and is probably more useful against micro-particles from traffic than catching ‘the creature’ as DGW calls it.

  4. So a pizza delivery person is standing there with a pizza in their hand, and a pizza sized platform is hanging in front of them, and someone is shouting “put the pizza on the platform”, but it’s the branding that is key to them understanding the situation?

  5. Lol.
    I lived in NYC people have been using a bucket on a rope from their walk-up (no elevator) apartments since the buildings were built in about 1900. And probably same when pyramids were being built. My coworker lived in a 6-floor walk up and managed just fine through pregnancies and everything else. Also put on her pre-pregnancy jeans on way out of hospital after delivering.
    Also, I guess “because pandemic” but the grossness of not being willing to walk up two floors of stairs but also sit on your ass for a year eating pizza is much more of a commentary than it is intended to be.

    1. Actually instead of sitting on his ass he whiled away the time by building contraptions.

      And incidentally: he must have used the bucket method to get the parts for the pizza lift first one would assume.

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