Toy Bulldozer Becomes Epic Terrifying Lawnmower

Regular lawnmowers are a perfectly fine way to mow your lawn, but they can be a bit boring. They’re also not always the best at tackling thick brush and bushes. [rctestflight] has a solution to both of those problems, in the form of a plant-munching bulldozer.

The concept is simple — it starts with a hefty miniature RC bulldozer. Weighing in at 27 kilograms (60 pounds), the beast has actual functioning hydraulics to control the blade and plow. It struggles somewhat with traction, particularly in muddier conditions, and can’t really dig much, but it nonetheless looks the business.

As cool as it was, [rctestflight] decided to employ it for some real yard work by outfitting it with a mowing rig. The ‘dozer was outfitted with a pair of sawblades, run by twin brushless motors for plenty of grunt. That gave the bulldozer the ability to mow through not just lawn, but even thick blackberry bushes and two-foot high weeds.

It’s not great at steering, but it’s able to destroy thick brush with reckless abandon. Fundamentally, it looks like a very fun way to mow an overgrown yard.

13 thoughts on “Toy Bulldozer Becomes Epic Terrifying Lawnmower

  1. You want to see something really horrifying, look up the cutters for a “CLAAS Forage Harvester”.

    That being said, this build could use some of that “flight termination” equipment we keep hearing about… you know, in case it ever decides to disobey :P

      1. I’m not even a gardener and my first response to this article was “Could we get a few thousand of these in Roomba mode?

        Perspective won’t destroy your house’s foundation like Japanese knotweed can. Blackberries, although tasty, become an impenetrable cloud of razor wire. Bindweed can – somehow – climb up directly into the lower branches of a tree from the ground overnight, which is unnerving to say the least.

        Nature is relentless and heartless – nuke them all from orbit . It’s the only way to be sure.

        1. The trick is to figure out how to us the Japanese knotweed plant to produce a viable fuel, cancer treatment, building material, plastic, or male impotence cure. The plant will be on an endangered species list within a year.

  2. Hrm. I’m less excited than the other comments as I’ve seen several examples of how even those regular trimmers with the plastic string doing the cutting can severely hurt small animals like e. g. hedgehogs hiding in the bushes.

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