Crabapplepad Folding Keyboard Is Actually Pretty Sweet

[Sergei Silnov] was quite attached to the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 keyboard, an updated version of their Natural keyboard that brought so many into the split fold. But once [Sergei] started writing notes in coffee shops, it was time for something portable.

The trouble with many portable keyboards, especially folding ones, is that they’re not often comfortable to type on. However, the Crabapplepad, a sleek, elegant offering, looks as though it begs to differ.

[Sergei] truly thought of everything and packed it into this 2cm thick wonder. There’s a little kickstand to hold your phone, or you can just throw an Apple trackpad between the halves and it magnetically attaches. Inside there’s a Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840, and the switches are the extremely thin and hard-to-find Kailh PG1425 X, a sweet-looking scissor switch.

The only problem with X-switches is that there is only one type of keycap for them at the moment, and there aren’t any homing bums for F and J. To get around this, [Sergei] designed some 3D-printed frames to go around the keycaps and make them more distinct. Yes, this beauty it is open source, so go forth and be comfortable in absolute style. Don’t forget to check out the demo after the break.

To be honest, there once was a pretty good folding keyboard — the Palm Portable. Don’t worry; someone made a Bluetooth adapter for them.

Via r/ergomechkeyboards

10 thoughts on “Crabapplepad Folding Keyboard Is Actually Pretty Sweet

  1. Homing bumps can be added to a keyboard by applying a drop of clear fingernail polish to the center of the key. I’ve done it often enough.

    (Older IBM keyboards instead made those keys a bit more deeply dished than others — almost unnoticeable unless you’re looking for it but the hands feel subtly wrong when out of position.)

    1. I would love to see a version with a built in USB OTG/C cable and perhaps the smallest 3-port hub possible. A version of this keyboard meant for power-sipping computing would be awesome.

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