14 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: February 25, 2024

  1. AirBnB renter: beware of last minute cancellation!! A few people I knew had reserved houses only for the host to cancel it and relist them at a much higher price. AirBnB can’t do anything about it and you’re unlikely to find an alternate place at your original price close to path of total darkness.

    Fortunately my brother lives in Ann Arbor, I can just crash at his place overnight, then drive south to a decent public place within the path of total darkness and set up my camera, lawn chair, cold 6-pack non-alcoholic drink, and play Sudoku for a while.

        1. Dark Side darkness. Let the anger (where the f i put those matches? barbeque is gone), let the fear (what was that noise? baaaaaats), let the fury conquer you (ffffffff, the beer is getting warm). Now how tall the wall should be, so the fright you’ll never see?

  2. “The truck performed admirably”

    The one thing I’ve learned over the years is that if a vehicle doesn’t come out of a possible flood with zero damage, it’s got *waaay* more damage than the obvious stuff that stops working quickly.

  3. Oof, yeah if the water is high enough to touch anything more than the rubber of your tires, or moving enough to be very noticeable, you’re going to have a hard time. A car is a lot less massive than its own volume worth of water and it’s hard to push through very much even if the car stayed perfectly functional in every way.

  4. first off team meatball all the way. rather not use a logo that is associated with exploding space shuttles. horrible safety record for a space craft.you got to walk before you can run but we were running pretty well during the apollo program and we ran right off the cliff with the shuttle program. its sort of like the thing russians have about not launching on the 24th of october. worm is just tainted.

    second, dont use rice, use silica gel packets. not only will they do the job, but some time in a hot box and they are totally reusable (if you live somewhere dry and warm you can just leave them outside). they are often emblazened with the words “do not eat” and sometimes “throw away” they are neither toxic nor are they trash. and you dont have to worry about ingress because its in a packet.

  5. Wyze have a history of being irresponsible with security, up to and including having all customer details hacked. At this point they have no business trying to steer blame outside of themselves, and no one should ever purchase their products.

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