LYFT: Standing Up For Better IKEA BEKANT Control

IKEA BEKANT sit/stand desk with a new controller attached

The IKEA BEKANT sit/stand desk is kind of a lifesaver — even if you don’t personally go between sit and stand much, the adjustability makes sharing the desk a breeze. Sharing was the case in [Matthias]’ house during the pandemic, as he and his wife took turns using the desk. Switching between their two preferred heights quickly became annoying, so [Matthias] engineered LYFT, a replacement controller that stores up to four settings.

In addition, the new SAMD21-based controller allows them to raise and lower the desk without having to hold the button down. And finally, having a digital readout showing the position is just plain cool. As you’ll see in the manual (PDF), LYFT is as easy to set up and use as the average flat-packed product.

In order to make this work, [Matthias] had to figure out how the desk’s motors communicate out of the box, and he did so with the help of a BEKANT controller project by [Greg Cormier]. You won’t find LYFT at the blue and yellow, at least not yet; for now, you’ll have to shop Tindie or build it yourself.

6 thoughts on “LYFT: Standing Up For Better IKEA BEKANT Control

  1. I went to school for drafting ~30 years ago. They had standing-height desks with tall “drafting chairs”. IMHO it is a cheaper, faster, just overall better solution. Stand when you want. Sit when you want. No need to make any desk or chair changes.
    Just search “drafting chairs” and you’ll find a million.

    1. I bought a $10 “Laptop riser”. The kind with legs that unfold in 3 parts at any angle. it has a lip to stop the laptop from sliding but turned around it just is a perfectly adjustable height keyboard rise and incline and came wit a little side plate to hold my mouse at the right height.
      if folds away nicely next to my desk in 1 minute when i need to sit.

  2. I can see the appeal of this if you already have a Bekant desk and wish you had presets, but a quick search on amazon turns up plenty of desks with similar controls for less than the Bekant desk costs, and far less than Bekant + this addon. It’s a hard sell when you’re making home grown products where mass produced equivalents already exist, and this doesn’t seem to really add anything above and beyond the alternatives.

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