A Cute Sentry Scans Your Net For Scullduggery

As long as we get to make our own network security tools, why not make them look cute? Netgotchi may not be much more than an ESP8266 running network scans and offering up a honeypot service, but it smiles while sits on your desk and we think that’s swell.

Taking inspiration from a recent series of red-team devices that make hacking adorable, most obviously pwnagotchi (and arguably Flipper), Netgotchi lives on the light side of the Force. Right now, it enumerates the devices on your network and can alert you when anything sketchy joins in. We can totally imagine customizing this to include other network security or health checks, and extending the available facial expressions accordingly.

You might not always be thinking about your network, and if you’re like us, that’s probably just fine. But we love standalone displays that show one thing in an easily digestable manner, and this fits the bill, with a smile.

9 thoughts on “A Cute Sentry Scans Your Net For Scullduggery

      1. I made a Wi-Fi “geiger couter” that would click on a death frame. A neighbor was sending a shitload of deauth frames, we tried settiling this through normal means but nothing ended up working. Instead we just upgraded to WPA3 and let the idiot enjoy ruining the Wi-Fi for everyone else. Shame the law sucks in this country.

    1. Good security is like an onion. It makes people cry, I mean it is comprised of Layers. This is a useful tool. But if you implement this and say “My security is complete” you are an even bigger fool than you appear to be.

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