These Twenty Designs Just Won $1000 In The Hackaday Prize

Today we’re excited to announce the winners of the Design Your Concept phase of The Hackaday Prize. These projects just won $1000 USD, and will move on to the final round this fall.

Hackaday is currently hosting the greatest hardware competition on Earth. We’re giving away thousands of dollars to hardware creators to build the next great thing. Last week, we wrapped up the first of five challenges. It was all about showing a design to Build Something That Matters. Hundreds entered and began their quest to build a device to change the world.

There are still four more challenges to explore over the next few months. So far the results have been spectacular. But we’re only a fifth of the way through the Hackaday Prize. So as you celebrate and congratulate the twenty projects below, there’s ample opportunity to get in the game with your own project.

The winners for the Design Your Concept portion of the Hackaday Prize are, in no particular order:

Design Your Concept Hackaday Prize Finalists:

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72 Hours To Design Your Concept

The first challenge of the 2017 Hackaday Prize closes on this coming Monday morning. You have about 72 hours hours to submit your entry.

The challenge, called Design Your Concept, is really about a plan. Seeing a project through depends greatly on your ability to foresee where the pain points are. Will you get half way into your fabrication process and realize the PCB components won’t fit in the available space for your robot’s limbs? To be successful at this first round, show that you have a clear plan on all aspects of your design. It really is that easy. And you can start now and still get an entry together by Monday morning.

IuT ! IoT

The Hackaday Prize is about Building Something that Matters. That concept takes shape as we move into the second challenge round next week: IuT ! IoT.

This stands for “Internet of Useful Things, *not* Internet of Things”. We’ve proven that we can get connected devices into the hands of consumers that are useless, a privacy and security nightmare, and sometimes both. There are far fewer examples of really useful connected items that demonstrate a balance of privacy, security, and utility.

Sounds like fun, right? We think so, and there are several other payoffs to boot. The first is that we’re excited to see projects that address a social good. There is great power in technology, can you wield it in a way that benefits us all? Show us what you got and you may be one of 100 finalists awarded $1000. That pool of finalists — 20 from each of 5 challenge rounds — will go on to compete for the Hackaday Prize of $50,000 and four other top cash prizes of $20,000 to $5,000.