No Corners Were Cut On This Arduino Circle Cutter

Hackers always have their eye out for a good deal, so when [Gadget Reboot] saw a good price on square stickers he had to pull the trigger. There was just one problem: his logo is a circle. He could have rectified the problem with a pair of scissors on a lazy afternoon, but we think building an elaborate circle cutting machine was a much better use of his time.

But this project isn’t just for the Giotto wannabes. Even if you don’t find yourself in need of an infinite supply of perfect paper circles, the video after the break provides an excellent case study in getting stepper motors to do your bidding; whatever that might be. [Gadget Reboot] walks the viewer through the design and construction of a dual stepper motor controller that could be used for a multitude of tasks.

With an onboard Arduino Pro Micro, OLED display, and rotary encoder, this controller just needs some custom software to make your CNC dreams come true. [Gadget Reboot] is even using low-cost optical endstops in this build, which are a great non-contact way of making sure your machine doesn’t go out of bounds. That’s particularly important when the machine happens to be wielding a razor blade.

If you’re a thoroughly modern hardware hacker who prefers using a web browser to twiddling knobs, then perhaps you’d be interested in the WiFi enabled stepper motor controller we covered recently.

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