300gig ipod

ipod super

flamingballofwreckage sent us a link to instructions for using a standard 3.5″ hard disk with your ipod.  after making the adapter, there is another howto for formatting the drive so that it will be correctly recognized by the device.

‘but j,’ you say, ‘that 3.5″ drive would make my ipod simply ginormous!’

yes.  yes it would.  but with a proper case, a small power supply, and an rca plug adapter, the ‘ipod super’ could be a really cool 300gb audio station that isn’t much bigger than a portable cd player.  that’s an awful lot of music and data storage in a tight package.

think car audio.  think brick sized dance party.  think media pc case mod.  or think different — and tell us about it.


  1. andrew says:

    what a waste of a hd… get a laptop

  2. matt says:

    I think I am in love

  3. matt says:

    and I should probably add this


  4. Doug says:
  5. Dr x says:


    i like. now with the 44-40 pin adapter listed in the second coment i think i will go out and buy a 20 gb ipod and do this in combination with a dvd player, 10 inch lcd, and an old PSU from a windos 98 box.

    a portable dvd/music player/xm satalite radio!

    (10 inch lcd would be motorised so it come out when i watch dvd!) look for a mod like this on http://www.metku.net


    does this work with ipod minis? just a thought!

  6. Will says:

    Wow. That’s pretty darn kickarse. That would be great for an in-car media player, if you used a laptop harddrive or something a little more “bump-safe”.

    I’d hate to be the one to rip all the CDs to put on that sucker, though.. I’ve got a music library of about 5 days of audio, and I thought it was a pain to go through my 100+ CDs..

  7. w-r says:

    The adapter in message 2 goes the wrong way. It is for putting 2.5″ drives into things that usually have 3.5″ drives. Genders will be wrong.

  8. greg says:

    cool upgrade. perhaps with some ingenuity, someone can make the 3.5 inch hardrive and ipod work as a easily dettachable units. i.e. detach ipod for short trip walk in the mall, plug it back in when you return to the car for a five day road trip.

    Anyone know how a memory stick works? I use my clie as a media device and I’d LOVE to find a way to attach a massive hard drive to it.

  9. Captsnuffy says:

    this has nothing to do with the above hack (which is quite cool), but when excatly is hackaday going to take down the little “beta” sign on the top header?

    and while we’re on the topic of changing around the site…

    hackaday forum anyone? bueller? bueller?

  10. Dyl4N says:

    i Too have a clie and would love to know how to add an external hard drive.

  11. Alex says:

    captsnuffy: First of all, I salute the cap’n.
    Second off: forum: a public meeting or assembly for open discussion. This *technically* is a forum. but not really.

  12. Scott says:

    about the adapter in the second post, it is for 2.5 and 3.5 inch drives. the ipod’s drive is 1.8 inches, so that adapter won’t work.

  13. awfulshot says:

    i droped my NOMAD ZEN a while ago.. alredy opened it up.. but didnt really do anything with it. this hack made me googlesearch and i found this one..


    that lets you just replace your ZEN hd with a laptop HD. bigger HD without uglyness of this hack.

  14. codeman says:

    But can anyone hook up a small hard drive to a pocket pc? Then you have music plus the awesome utilities of the PDA/IR remote! if any one knows how to do this could you send me the how-to; send to masterkanana@gmail.com

  15. less says:

    sure you could go ahead and hook a large hard drive up to a pocket pc, but the music would sound like s*&t. the hard drive would make the pocket pc in conjunction with a keyboard a laptop- a really slow laptop.

  16. John Hartnup says:

    As a “because it’s there” hack, this is super cool.

    However, I find the iPod UI unwieldy for my 20GB of music. Exploring a 300GB collection using a scroll wheel sounds like hell!

  17. hackbin says:

    To codeman:

    You can put a hard disk drive to a pocket PC through SD/MMC slot. The system has been demonstrated in CES 2005 and IDF. So it is not a hack anymore.

  18. david says:

    I don’t think the adapter in comment 2 is used for connecting a 3.5″ HD to an iPod, it’s supposed to be used for making a 2.5″ laptop drive have the connection for a 3.5″, so you can use the hack listed to put along with it. In case you still want pocket-sized but still have the extra space.

  19. Matt.sch says:

    Awsome picture there, I laughed my ass off for some reason when i saw it

  20. tom61 says:

    “Anyone know how a memory stick works? I use my clie as a media device and I’d LOVE to find a way to attach a massive hard drive to it.”

    No easy way to go from memory stick to hard drive. However, if you have one of the models with a Compact Flash slot, and can find hacked drivers to use memory cards with it, you have the option of using the methods 1 and 2 detailed below.

    “But can anyone hook up a small hard drive to a pocket pc? Then you have music plus the awesome utilities of the PDA/IR remote!”

    Yes, several ways.

    1. If you just want ~5GB and have a Compact Flash slot, a ‘micro drive’ will be right up your ally. Fits totally inside the Compact Flash slot, and doesn’t eat that much power.

    2. If you want more than 5GB for not very expensive, have a Compact Flash slot, and don’t really care about clunky-ness (i.e. an in-car setup), you can stack a CF to PCCard adapter( http://www.notestation.com/cfpccard.htm?campaign=yshopping or http://www.accurite.com/CFPCAdapter.html ) with a /powered/ (or a power source for the Accurite adapter) PCMCIA harddrive enclosure.

    3. If you have a Compact Flash slot, but not built-in USB host (which very few have), you can get this expensive adaptor: http://shop.store.yahoo.com/firewireshop/newusb11hosa.html
    and use a USB enclosure. I recommend a 1.8″ HD enclosure, as they can typically be run without needing extra power.

    4. If you have a Toshiba PPC(e740 or higher), Casio E200, one of the new VGA PPCs (except the Dell Axim X50v), or one of the very few other PPCs with USB host, you can use the USB host of your PPC to hook up an external USB enclosuer. Again, I recommend a 1.8″ HD enclosure, as they can typically be run without needing extra power.

  21. anonymous says:

    http://www.freeiPods.com/?r=7069737 sign up and complete an offer for a free Ipod. I know you guys are probably tired of this but I must be the only person in the world without one and I would rather get one for free then make my mom pay for one :(

  22. nexus says:

    can we get a link to 17 because my ipaq only has an sdio slot and not a cf slot and all the usb host cards that i had previously seen were cf cards. I would be happy to get my hands on a sdio version.

  23. sanjed says:


    Think battery life. I don’t reckon an ipod battery would be up to the job of running a full size ide drive for anywhere near as many hours as it would with it’s own smaller drive.

  24. Jimmnew says:

    OK The only problem with this whole Ipod hack thing is, NO ONE HAS THE FIRMWARE, I want to do this hack so bad but no one seems to ever mention the fact that you need the firmware and it is nowhere to be seen. If anyone has it i would greatly appreciate it Havoc_2005@yahoo.com
    Aim sn: Hazmathavoc

    I am going to put a 60 gig labtop HD on my ipod because as someone mentioned above think power, unless you wanna hardwire your ipod to your cars 12v and create a nice little theater in your car :). Firmware anyone?

  25. JOSH says:

    Can you use the iPod as a external drive for a pocket pc. If so what do i need to do?

  26. anonymous says:

    does anyone out there how to hook up an external hd to a palmpilot. what i wanna do is to stach a hd in my car and load it up with mp3, and play it through an fm transmitter

  27. anonymous says:

    does anyone out there how to hook up an external hd to a palmpilot. what i wanna do is to stach a hd in my car and load it up with mp3, and play it through an fm transmitter

  28. Josh says:

    I have an axim x30 and a 300 gig hard drive full of mp3s. how exactly do i hook the hard drive up to the ppc?

  29. Jackaniny says:

    Has anyone ever heard of anything to do with hacking an iPod 3G to make it color?

  30. grant says:

    how would u do this to a shuffel thanks.

  31. Chris says:

    I wonder if the 1G ipod would support this. I’ll probably end up trying sooner or later with a 250 gig hard drive.

  32. jay says:

    i only have one question if if my 20 gig ipod died and i buy now from the store only the 40 or 60 gig and having the right silver case i can replace it and use it as upgraded version?

  33. varga tobIAS says:

    How can I connect a 60 GB iPod to my HP 2795 PPC, to use as an external drive?
    The 2795 has CF&SC slots.
    Or is it possible to connect any iPod or microdrive to a pda?

  34. wgasca says:

    i forgot my password on my ipod video
    can anyone help me

  35. conor says:

    @34 — you should be able to just plug it into the computer and it will unlock…
    about the acutal story: RAID in an ipod? Might be able to get the right interface…dunno: ideas?

  36. Chris says:

    $$$$$$$$ Everyone, Please Read $$$$$$$$$

    I desperatly want to have a 400GB Hard Drive on my Ipod. I have a 60GB Video Ipod (Brand New)
    And a 60GB photo Ipod. Both work fine.

    I am willing to pay$$$ anyone who can build me a kit of some sort, and include all software and hardware required for me to do this with ease.

    I plan to use this in my car, so I will be needing some means to power the monster HD from a car battery.

    If you consider your self to be an expert, and want some extra cash please email me with (400GB Ipod) in the subject line, so I dont miss it.


  37. anonymous says:

    There’s a way to do the same using an IPOD mini 4Gb and an external HDD?
    Or create a cable to join together an external USB HDD and the IPOD mini 4Gb?

  38. gnif says:

    Why bother, there has been a product that can do this for years…


    The mStation, the firmware has even been replaced with open source stuff (OpenNeo), perfect for a jukebox/home hifi type mp3 player.

  39. Gary Hampson says:

    Could anyone tell me if theres been any further development or confirmation that this actually works? I have just got a new car and the standard stereo is very basic and cannot display text. I own a very nice Alpine D310 touchscreen headunit which can display track info etc and an ipod adapter, which I used with my little 4gb ipod mini. What im after is a larger capacity hard disk to put my entire music collection on (say 500gb), which would cost less than buying a new ipod 160gb for £230 at present.

  40. walter john says:

    HI…..i m willing to sale ma MacBook Pro 17″ 2.4GHz for just $400usd for any interested person…..you can contact me via my EMAIL: laptoparena2008@yahoo.com

    Kindly get back to me as soon as possible….

  41. don says:

    perfect for in a car store the hard drive in the car connect the ipod to it and bam u have thounds of songs on ur ipod to play through ur stero

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