CD sextant


Woohoo! Columbus Day! A


  1. Michael says:

    why would any one use a sextant when there’s gps?

  2. .:prophecy:. says:

    Happy ThanksGiving all Canadians

  3. bird603568 says:

    well wat if a nuclear bomb is air bursted and the EM burst breaks your gps? or your gps battery dies? I still use a compass and a map when back packing and it hasnt failed me in about 10 years (thats how long ive backpacked)

  4. Great Hack! but don’t mess around with your eyes!

    Here is a page on observing eclipses:

    Besides the exposed film, they recommend a number 14 welder’s glass. I got one for only a few bucks at the welding supply place.

  5. zinquaff says:

    this is the sweetest hack youve had in a long time.

  6. newtechinc says:

    If someone set off a EMP bomb in a city you were visiting, you would be dying for this comment #1. Look up EMP in google.

  7. furtim says:

    Forget the EMP stuff. The real reason is that it’s just cooler.

  8. mc says:

    if you plan to use this after an emp blast, you’d better hurry up and print the instructions….

  9. Orwell84 says:

    So, in theory could you build one out of a record?

    Old school music for old school navigation.

  10. MikeMontana says:

    Why use a sextant when GPS is available?

    In practical terms, you wouldnt. But, then again, being lost in the arctic, or lost on the ocean after a storm killed your electronics… times like that when “practical” is lost in the “unlikely event” splatter. Its nice to know how celestial navigation works – GPS is really not much different conceptually. Its also nice to be able to independently verify the accuracy of your GPS.

  11. Ekeshwar says:

    Well,can anyone please describe me the working of cd sextant.

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