Line following wheel chair

[Niklas Roy] sent in probably one of the largest line following robots ever built. The Gallerydrive project is used to move visitors around an art gallery. It can follow either a black or white line. It also has a touchscreen display for displaying information about the art which is read from RFID tags. Niklas has a full diary of the build on his site with everything you need to build your own.


  1. hallz says:

    Oh the fun you could have with a marker pen or some black/white electrical tape at that museum.

  2. Barry Carter says:

    Excellent work! This is a great hack. It has everything… motor drivers, touch screen displays, audio and best of all lasers. I tend to agree with Niklas that using FET followers on a linear regulator is not a great idea. They go bang very easily. Stick with switching regulators.

  3. Lost_N_Confused says:

    An interesting robot. i use to work as a programmer at oak Ridge National Labs and they had a mail delivery robot. It would follow the lines around the building and stop outside your door and beep a few times to tell you that you had mail. It is not as sophisticated as this robot but was built along time ago. I left the Lab in 1994 and it was old then.

  4. Josh says:

    Aha! Nice job sneaking this hack in at 11:59.

  5. Andrew says:

    I work at a school for kids with disabilities and something like this would be a great way to move a dozen or so wheel-chair bound kinds from one classroom to another.

  6. Marco says:

    Awesomeness ! Full schematics, well done diary, source code, software simulator, etc. What a great project!

  7. Wolfmankurd says:

    Andrew, you might have a problem with them ramming each other.

  8. bodiby says:

    @halz – my first thought was black electrical tape into the wall. why do i have evil thoughts?

  9. andrew says:

    i have to say, this is really well done. i admire!

  10. Matthew says:

    This is a great hack. It’s clever and involves a lot but best of all, it’s useful and has a great purpose. Nice one to include

  11. Willie says:

    I could see a nursing home cut their staff by making a permanent black tiled “racetrack”. You load granny in the chair start her on her way. Then you pop old grandpa right behind her -boy -girl -boy -girl (to make the view more interesting for them) and they can run around the go-cart track all day long. Wheee!!! Just hope the batteries hold out. If you tape off the parking lot the whole gang could have fun in the sun.

  12. Nahuel says:

    Sorry I can’t see anything, would somebody tell me why, the original page doesn’t works.

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