Force feedback PSP mod

[F00 f00] sent in his latest PSP mod. By combining a voltage amplifier, a PIC controller and a cell phone motor he ended up with force feedback enabled PSP. He’s got the PIC set to enable the motor when it detects certain sound frequencies from the speaker via the amp.

The video is after the break.


  1. threepointone says:

    really cool idea!

    but now comes the hard part: fit the whole thing inside a psp. I’d expect quite a bit of surface mount work, unless the psp is less cramped than I think. Might even have to go with a different uC that comes in a smaller package

  2. pete says:

    cool. nice idea. the only thing i would change, given the cramped confines of the psp, it the syle of motor.
    The vibrator motors from lg phones are much smaller and are compeletly internal. lookes like a button battery with wires sticking out. They seem to put out a more intense vibration as well.
    good work though. gives me another reason to learn how to code on a pic.

  3. Genome says:

    Nice mod, just interested as to what kind of impact this would have on battery operation time.

  4. sam says:

    this looks very cool, i wish i had those led’s in my psp anyone now how to do that looks good

  5. dave says:

    i havent seen a spec sheet for the new slimmer PSP that is releasing, however, it might be possible to fit a slim PSP into a v1.o case and have all of that extra room to work with for this and other mods.

    the 1.0 psp is 23mm thick according to the sony website, and according to the slim psp release, the new one is 19 percent thinner [which magically makes it pretty close to 19mm thick.] 4 mm isnt huge, but, a caseswap would allow for a bit of extra room.

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