LED ambient light strips

[Shadow] sent in his ambient LED strip project. He picked up a ton of RGB (Red/Green/Blue) LEDs off of eBay and built several LED strips. To get up and running, he used an LED-wiz controller. With the off the shelf controller, this is a pretty easy project, and the ambient lighting effect looks great. Check out the video after the break or on the project page.

In 2006, we posted about [rafkep]’s similar ambient lighting project.

6 thoughts on “LED ambient light strips

    Ok you really need to add some fade control to that. Your ambient lights are seriously ambient _strobe_ lights. A fade system would make it even more professional. That video was hard to watch.

  2. Thanks for open sourcing it bob :) It’s the only one I could find out there.

    hal: like will said, it doesn’t flicker as much in real life.

  3. I also made some linux software that’s almost complete, it uses a client/server model that works over udp. Maybe I’ll release it someday.

  4. Funny that I just saw this in ikea a few days ago. Theirs has 4 seperate bars of LEDs for 50 bucks with all the stuff, it can cycle through colors as well as just hold one, when it cycles it fades properly.
    This would probably be great to hack, since you’ve got the whole thing assembled already you could just add different controls to it.

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