Electric Bandages

Silverleaf Medical products has created an electric wound dressing that staves off infection by killing microbes in an open wound and preventing other germs from getting in.

They call it the CMB Antimicrobial Wound Dressing, and it is made of polyester fabric woven with a proprietary material called Prosit. When the bandage is moistened, the Prosit generates a low voltage, killing germs in the wound. One of these bandages can be worn for 3 days at a time, and their clinical trials indicate that they are highly effective in treating infected wounds. Take a look at their brochure (PDF file) for some informative and stomach-turning before and after photos.

[via Medgadget]

Roast marshmallows with high voltage

The guys (and gals) over at the NYCResistor definitely know how to have a good time. They decided to roast some marshmallows with a Jacobs Ladder. Mmmm. There’s nothing like fresh 15,000 volt roasted.

Metasploit on the iPhone

[muts] went through some trials, but managed to get metasploit running on his iPhone. Later he found out that it comes with the Cyida installer that he used on his journal to manually install it. Still, it’s interesting to see these tools showing up on the platform.

25th Chaos Communications Congress

The 25th annual Chaos Communications Congress is happening December 27-30th in Berlin, Germany. They’ve just published their official call for papers. Last year’s 24C3 was incredible and we’ll take any chance we get to attend an event held by the fine folks in the CCC. We hope to see you there!

[via BoingBoing]


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