Playstation 3 boomerang controller

Reader [HotDog-Cart] is an active member of the benheck forums and recently completed this Playstation 3 boomerang controller. The boomerang was originally shown with the Playstation 3 prototype and was severely panned by the press. [Josh] started with a cheap 3rd party controller that was approximately boomerang shaped. He enlarged the controller body ~20% using bondo. The internals were replaced with gear from an official Sony controller. It was finished with a coat of black paint. It’s definitely a nice build and the new internals mean it probably feels as good as any factory controller.

11 thoughts on “Playstation 3 boomerang controller

  1. Hey guys. Its me Josh. I hope you guys like my controller.
    I worked on it for a while, and had a lot of fun making it.
    This controller needs a TINY bit of work, as you can see
    BUT its feels amazing to hold.

  2. It seems to feel pretty comfy. I’ve never felt the old boomerang design,
    but I totally think this design beats the DS3 and SixAxis.

  3. Even if he did use hardware from a chinese clone, if he swapped the internals for something worth using, than that’s still a mod IMO.

  4. I know I’m being called out. I have sent in a comment that will be posted in a day, on kotaku.
    I explained what I did to the internals of the controller.

  5. After a long search through all the “waste of space” blogs, I finally find yours and am happy! Thanks for the informative read, and I look forward to more!

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