A ShiftBrite Christmas

[Garrett] took 30 of his ShiftBrite modules and mounted them to his front fence for Christmas. The ShiftBrite is a serially addressable high output RGB LED. The individual modules are quite adept at applications like this where you’re stringing multiple lights together. They have identical buses on either side, specifically for daisychaining. The installation above looks great.


  1. blitzcat says:

    Neighbors must just love that. Yuk

  2. steveorama says:

    oh man I love that song!!

  3. The VIPER! says:

    Wow that song would something thats for sure. I would not want to hear it on repeat for long. LOL

  4. Zypher says:

    There’s just nothing like an 8bit Christmas Carol.

  5. macegr says:
  6. kc0nlh says:

    who dose not love 8bit music

    album The 8bits of Christmas
    track 05 Bit Shifter – Let It Snow


    and yes they let you download there music for free

    The album Information Chase is better
    now go reformat the planet

  7. sly says:

    the guy has the perfect fence for something like this.

  8. bolke says:

    Nice, but what about the weather … snow, rain, wet, fizzle, poof :)

  9. sadffffff says:

    $5 a piece, spendy little buggers

  10. Blastar says:

    I can see the Circus..
    now were is the clown ?

  11. sbf10101 says:

    love it! makes regular synchronized light displays look so last century

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