Radio controlled sphere

[prabbit22m] has written an instructable on how to build a radio controlled sphere. The mechanism is fairly simple, with one drive motor, one servo and a gyro for stability. To turn, the servo shifts the center of gravity off to one side. You can see that the system works pretty well in the video above. If it didn’t have that gyro, it would be insane, believe us, we’ve done our own experimenting. If you like this, but want more features, check out this one that has a camera and takes pictures wherever it goes. We can’t forget Swarm either. The autonomous swarm of robot spheres. Of coarse [prabbit22m] might have the best idea of all. Dress it up as a regular ball to mess with people.


  1. Dan P says:

    Anyone else reminded of this? :P

  2. Ryan says:

    Yeah, I was just going to say that. It does remind me of that comic ^_^

    “too bad we can’t give it a soul”
    “sure we can ‘import soul'”
    “oh right, python”

  3. kyle007 says:

    I was thinking of that “kids” toy from the 1980’s… it was a toy hampster that ran in a hampster ball… this is the closest thing I can find.

    dont get me wrong I’d be uber excited if this radio controlled shpere were my hack..

  4. HogieWan says:

    Of coarse

  5. Cyrozap says:

    @dan p
    i was going to say that, too.

  6. sol says:

    That’s the first time I’ve seen that xkcd. Maybe my favorite python joke ever. Or at least the first.

  7. marz says:

    This post is full of grammar mishaps.

    import antigravity

  8. Drew says:

    now that is exactly the thing i designed in like 7th grade the security cam robot from pop sci was close and the xkcd had an interesting way of putting on the camera but finally some one used there brains and put in a gyro. when i thought of it though i had intended to use it as a battle bot with a much larger well… everything that way i could maybe idk crush it? im not sure but i still have the plans i drew up years ago looks almost exactly like that (though much bigger)

  9. Wwhat says:

    Get a camcorder, set it loose on the parking lot of homeland security, post online :x
    all ideas are non-binding! :)

  10. drew says:

    homeland security has a parking garage and theres a gate with a gaurd, would not be too easy

  11. Karred says:

    Sammich Gravity Stabilizer FTW?

  12. Max says:

    Reminds me of Death Wish V when he kills a guy with an R/C soccer ball with a bomb inside O_o

  13. Wwhat says:

    I’m sure your local homeland security place has an outside parking place too, and/or a front entrance, you will always have people doing short visits, and besides, you want to be some distance away and let the ball do the approaching, also you should cover it in kevlar probably.

  14. blizzarddemon says:

    dan your right in my mind XD

  15. DjoDjo says:

    It would be great to be able to make it jump!

  16. Wwhat says:

    Excellent idea djodjo.

  17. Balz says:

    Is anyone else here thinking real life marble madness…possibly with hamsters in balls as obstacles…

  18. Wwhat says:

    Didn’t marble madness move the surface rather than the ball? Actuators on the planet axis?

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