SparkFun Releases RGB Button Controller


SparkFun has been selling button pad parts for some time and we used them in our RGB door lock project. A excellent part, but you needed to implement your own interface to use the boards. SparkFun has just released two additional versions to make it easier on builders. The first is their Button Pad Controller USB. It has a 4×4 grid of buttons lit by RGB LEDs and a USB interface. This board can be expanded using the Button Pad Controller SPI. The SPI bus means it should be easy to add the button pad to embedded projects. This newest release puts you much closer to building your own RGB monome clone or other custom controller than ever before. The unit pictured above is their own project and they have no plans on selling anything like it.

5 thoughts on “SparkFun Releases RGB Button Controller

  1. Yeah. Implementing your own interface is the part that i like. the enjoyment i get out of creating something from nothing is greater the more that i create and the less that’s done for me.

  2. Wow, I think you guys are over-reacting.

    Yes, this is a product, but it’s basically a part to use in your own electronics projects. Every DIY project starts with things you have to buy or salvage to then hack up. Don’t you use wires and batteries and LED, etc.?

    No, I don’t work for Sparkfun. I’ve wanted to use their button pads before, but haven’t because I didn’t know how to interface with them. Hearing about this new thing makes me want to build something with these again.

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