Cell phone shoe


Sometimes you absolutely need to keep your phone a secret. You know, like when you’re on spy missions. The goons at the door will always frisk you, but they never check under your shoe, right? [mikeyberman] shows us how to make our own Maxwell Smart style shoe phone. All you need is to dig a giant hole in your shoe sole and cram a cell phone in there. Will it get ruined by water? Probably. Will you look like a goon trying to talk on it? Definitely. Can you make it through airport security? Try it and let us know.


  1. strider_mt2k says:


  2. roshamboe says:

    i agree with that one guy (im too lazy to find his name) hook that shit up to bluetooth, that would be cool

  3. Bill says:

    Is this guy the new lead prop designer for Carrot Top? Seriously… at least use a decent phone… that Motorola F-series with the e-paper display would have been ‘SMART’-er…

    I can see it now-

    Friend: Hey Mikey, whats this?
    [mikeyberman]: Oh thats just my shoephone…get it? SHOE… PHONE?
    Friend: [groan]

  4. killasmurf86 says:

    I suggest you rename this site to FailADay.com
    I used to check this site daily, now i do it less then once a month….
    After this one i’m nos shore when next time will come, when i check this site…

    I hope by then next time, you start posting quality, hacs, or rename site to FAILADAY.com.

  5. strider_mt2k says:

    killasmurf86 check out spelladay while you’re at it.

    Hopefully next time you attempt snark it won’t read like a 3rd grader lost his juice box.

  6. Mouserz says:

    If only Americans weren’t so paranoid about terrorism, maybe they wouldn’t make you take off your shoes at the metal detector and baggage scanner.

  7. just me says:

    can’t wait to see u use that phone after u stepped on a poo..hehehe

  8. mscir says:

    thanks for a hilarious article, roflmao.

  9. tom says:

    lol. i like this hack, this isn’t too hard, yet not too easy. perfect ;)

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