[Florin] was given the task of repairing a GPS unit that wouldn’t boot up. What he found was unfortunately a bad processor. Fortunately, he was able to make a project out of it. After scavenging the good bits, the GPS module and the LCD, he set about making it a USB device. He now has an EEEpc with GPS.


  1. an4rk says:

    Nice daily hack from Caleb Kraft!

    now all i need to do is buy myself some parts…


  2. pxd says:

    ie some broken parts

  3. sf says:

    I have Magellan Meridian Platinum with a smashed LCD screen (I drove over it!). Still powers up though. Have been wondering if I could strip it down and make it into a headless tethered GPS. Other than the standard serial NMEA output I do not think I have access or control of the other features of the GPS, like the temp/barometer, electronic compass which is a shame.

  4. youritronics says:

    @sf , I don’t think the temp, barometer or electronics compass are fitted on the same module with the GPS chip. They are probably separate sensors. So I suggest you take it apart and take a look, maybe you can salvage something and turn it into something else. Good Luck

  5. gabriel says:

    he could have burned some $30 and gone for a less power hungry usb-ready gps module.

  6. zero says:

    But then it wouldn’t be a jack then, now would it, Gabriel. Sure you’re browsing the right website?

  7. zero says:

    hack, even

  8. youritronics says:

    yes gabriel, I could of went with that, but I wouldn’t have any fun or satisfaction with that.

  9. fartface says:

    Ok… so the newbie trick of salvaging parts from broken things is now a hack?

    Tomorrow, we show you how to get a cup out of an empty pop bottle and the advanced hack of also getting a funnel from it!

    This place is degrading rapidly.

  10. sf says:

    @ fartface
    He recycled a broken device, built a USB/SERIAL interface and did a nice write up that can inspire others whom maybe unaware of such a ‘newbie trick’, more of that should be posted on here along with the extreme.

    So fartface where’s your shit at by the way?

  11. static says:

    WTH? Since when isn’t using salvage parts not a hack? This not a hack crap is getting old. I guess I should forget about suggesting the projects that modded a new usb gps to fit inside a mini9, oh hell I’ll put think link here anyway.

  12. absolutely enjoyed bumping into your blog – I look forward for your next post

  13. youritronics says:

    @fatface, what you’re basically saying is we should ignore newbies and their projects. That’s not how you encourage the new generation of electronics hobbyists.

  14. DanAdamKOF says:

    Wonder what he’ll do with the display.

  15. I’ll be impressed when the thousands of dollars, hours and neglect of my children actually results in something tangible for my family.

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