LCD multitouch

[Jacob] wrote us to show off his latest project. He built his multitouch interface out of an LCD monitor. We’ve seen plenty of multitouch projects here, but usually they are projection style. This project uses the panel out of an LCD, with the diffusers and backlighting removed. The panel itself is fairly transparent, so a webcam with IR filter can see the light pens right through it. It does seem a bit dim in the video, we’re wondering if it is better in real life.


  1. _matt says:

    How would you move the mouse without clicking?

  2. landon says:

    windows xp ftw!

  3. Peter says:

    @ _matt

    the mouse pointer moves to wherever you touch the screen, then clicks there

    BTW for more information on multitouch, and several otherexample sof LCD multitouch, visit the NUI forums at

  4. Hackius says:

    You don’t need a backlight for multitouch. Just add a layer of plexiglass and put IR LEDs on the side. Frustrated internal reflection will light up the fingers in IR

  5. tikka says:

    hackius,that is true, except that the screen requires some illumination.

  6. Satiagraha says:


    I don’t believe the pen motion or detection on the screen triggers mouse clicks. In most pen tablets the clicking is controlled by a button on the pen (usually under the thumb or forefinger), or the tip can be pressed in to trigger a button (requires much more pressure than dragging the pen around on the surface, must be an intentional “click”)

    Kudos to the author Jacob for nice project!

  7. tony says:

    sure it works. but not well.

  8. andrew says:

    another win for the traditional keyboard and mouse.

  9. dr_gonzo says:

    I don’t think he is wearing pants…

  10. rotceh_dnih says:

    This kind of multitouch screen can work really good, i have made many useing this method and the ftir method,from my experience useing irleds isn’t the best thing to do if your useing a hacked webcam you should go the FTIR way ,but if your short on cash then just use a wiimote behind the screen with your irpen and that works great :)

  11. grovenstien says:

    Or use the LLP method (laser light plane) The mouse works fine in this way.

  12. Pyrofer says:

    All I have to say, is WHY film things NAKED.
    Please, whatever cool thing you have to show, have clothes on first, its not THAT exciting!

  13. tapius says:

    @pyrofer, i disagree i think this much nudity is not only ok, but its also hilarious. As long as we don’t see anything that we may not want to, the idea that the person is in fact sitting in their underwear hacking is truly iconic.

  14. grovenstien says:

    Get your hacking manthong on an tinker borat style!

  15. Louis II says:

    “I don’t think he is wearing pants”

    Hack Naked?

  16. Wwhat says:

    Why would you assume he’s naked, he could just be wearing your common t-shirt and shorts, unless of course you like to imagine guys naked, then nm and have fun.

  17. landon says:

    orcpiss in the background FTW!

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