Arduino + hang man = Hangmanduino

We saw this nifty little toy today and thought you guys might get a kick out of it.  Its called the Hangmanduino, and as you can probably tell from the name, it plays hang man. This was an exercise in simplicity, you’ll notice there is only a single control for the entire game. We thought that the design was pretty cool, especially the single control. We weren’t surprised to see that this is actually the very same control we featured previously. You can download the code yourself from his website, if you want to make one of your own.

[via Flickr]


  1. Jack says:


  2. Ryan Leach says:

    YAAH – Yet another arudino hack,

    not that i mind, its cool to see what people are doing with them, but ream hacks would be nice too, havnt seen any in along time, SUBMIT HACKS PEOPLE

  3. Ryan Leach says:

    *real should of checked my spelling before tab+enter

  4. don fear the reamer says:

    ^ lol – I could live without getting reamed.

  5. jan says:

    thats a cool project!

    not everything based on arduino is bullshit!

    dont be to 3lit3… everyone started with something easy. only important thing is thats its cool. not like the arduino furby shit

  6. Jack says:

    Needs at least 2 arduinos to be l33t

  7. jamieriddles says:

    the box looks awesome pretty professional if you ask me

  8. sly says:

    speaking of starting simple…

    10 print “hello world”

  9. Peter says:

    I’m going to go submit a bunch of arduino hacks now, just to bug you guys.

  10. Stunmonkey says:

    The case need to be made entirely from arduinos too for it to be really 1337.

  11. andrew says:

    zomg an arduino!!!11

  12. Eddie says:

    Arduino + no deinterlace = pure win

  13. bort says:

    i like paper

  14. Drone says:

    I need an arduino filter.

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