Spreading christmas cheer w/ auto parts

The folks over at [Soup], a British marketing agency, thought up this cool project. It’s a set of handbells hooked up to an Arduino, actuated by central locking motors found in car doors. By the look of some pictures, there was also a Lego version. Songs written by users (through the online interface) are placed in the que of a server. Once it’s time for the song to be played, serproxy sends the Arduino an appropriate set of commands for ringing the bells in sequence. All of this happens in the [Soup] office while it is streaming live through a webcam.

We think that this is definitely a great way to use surplus auto parts. After all, not everyone can build helicopters.

It seems as though the bells are down for the moment, or the employees got a bit annoyed at hearing them constantly ring.


  1. urlax says:

    too bad it’s down

    homebuilt heli FTW :D

  2. Josh says:

    “Happy Holidays…the annoying bells will be back after the Holidays when you least want to hear them.”

    Apparently they didn’t read the “don’t get slash-doted clause” in the submission guide :)

  3. Abbott says:

    I like how the home-built heli was more interesting than the bells…

  4. Shadyman says:

    que -> queue

  5. DanAdamKOF says:

    The what of a server?

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