Wear a helmet, rollerblades with attitude

Wireless controller, more powerful custom-made motors, stronger frame, and with a name like DeathBlades, we can’t think of a single reason why you would prefer heel treads, well everyone was young at one time.

[Charleg] has been testing out a slightly new frame, despite having only half the motors necessary, and is getting great results hitting around 23Wh/mi. If you’re looking to build your own, his blog has a post for nearly every aspect of the design.

[Thanks Jerome Demers]


  1. No video? It would be nice to see them in action, but your right they already sound better than tread-watchamacallitz..

  2. Juls says:

    Still jerome hitting the wall :D

  3. grovenstien says:

    there is a video at the end of the blog. More Speed and use on ramps is required!

  4. medix says:

    Finally! Someone who’s got common sense and *excellent* build practice when it comes to structural design of robot frames and drive trains!

    It’s good to see someone who’s moved beyond (waaaay beyond) the dremel-and-file-looks-like-shit-covered-with-hot-glue phase of building.

    And yes, I’m aware he’s got ‘better than average’ facilities, but there are ways around this. ;)

    Excellent work!

  5. genome says:

    Someone finally invented Air Gear!
    My life is complete…

  6. PocketBrain says:

    All they need is power laces.

  7. japkin says:

    This guy has been building things with excellent quality for a while, even without better-than-average facilities. Glad to see him featured on here again. Good job Charles!

  8. strider_mt2k says:

    Judging hack by appearance and facilities of the hacker is fairly retarded.

    Awesome project, and yeah…wear a helmet!

  9. KaZx says:

    Finally real AT’s if only they can bee as good as the one in the anime/manga

  10. snorkle256 says:

    I wonder, because I see no mention of it, if the motors when not in use charge back to the battery at all?

    Would be useful.

  11. toodlestech says:

    Did you really link to a squidoo page on heelys? haha!

  12. teamtestbot says:

    The motor control modules used in this version are ones that do not perform regenerative braking. So no, charging the batteries via manual skating is not yet an option.

  13. Rollerblades says:

    Looks ridiculous…ly awesome!

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