Flaming guitar hero

[Chris Marion] knew he wanted to play with fire, or more accurately with fireball spewing valves, but he need a good project in which he could use them. Inspiration finally struck and he built this controller that matches fireballs to the fret buttons on a Guitar Hero controller. There’s quite a lot that goes into this but we think that he hit a home run. The basic components are a manifold with electronically actuated valves, another manifold for the pilot lights, and a modified Guitar Hero controller.

To interface the controller he used an Arduino along with [Bill Porter's] PS2 library to read signals from the buttons. But the real labor intensive part of the build came with the manifold. There’s a hardware store’s worth of fittings and flexible copper pipe that go into that assembly. In the end this all came together in just one week.

[Thanks Bill]


  1. Lloir says:

    thats awesome!!

  2. ferdie says:

    were is the video from this
    i think it look very cool
    nice bild

  3. Tony says:

    Now he needs to add some salts and color them!

  4. Faelenor says:

    @ferdie: if you follow the link, you’ll see the video.

  5. Brian says:

    Nice build, I might spread them out a little. The fireballs merge when to adjacent are fired.

  6. smoker_dave says:

    Not bad, but there is only one real hack for the giutar hero controller. Shredz64 – guitar hero for the Commodore 64: http://www.synthdreams.com/shredz64.php

  7. Reg says:

    What!!! No 1000 watt amp driving flame/plasma speakers?

    Clearly needs an immediate upgrade!


  8. Grovenstien says:

    Awesome! In the true sense of the word!

  9. bluewraith says:

    I wonder if you could use some form of a whistle tip to change the sounds produced by the gas as it exits…

    And strangly, that makes me think of musical farts. More specifically, the scene from Family Guy where Peter has a rousing game of battleshits with Michael Moore. Could be worth looking into this.

  10. S. H. says:
  11. Lenny says:

    That is too awesome…

    They had something similar (maybe a bit more polished) at burning man where people could play infront of a projector screen / big sound system

  12. Dennis says:

    My friends and I put together a similar system, which we call Rock Inferno. It interfaces with the Frets on Fire PC software rather than directly to the Guitar Hero controller. Here’s a little info about it, and a video of it that we shot at Burning Man 2010: http://arsoniccreations.com/rockinferno.html

  13. Hirudinea says:

    Its cool, no doubt about that, but isn’t it kind of dangerous to play in the living room?

  14. Taylor Alexander says:

    See also Dance Dance Immolation.

    But more fire is always great!

  15. Bryan says:

    less pressure in the main regulator would make for balls of fire instead of streams and they wouldn’t run together.

    still awesome

  16. Jfire says:

    Rock Inferno originally called Fire Hero… this version is a little more complete:



  17. Bill Porter says:

    I’ve begun work on my own Color Flame version. Here’s a video of the first test of concept.


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