Creating art from an old Christmas tree

So you manged to get a great deal on a fake tree during the after Christmas sales, but what should you do with your old one? If it was lighted with fiber optics you can reuse the strands to create your own star map. [Mr Trick] shows how to disassemble one of these trees, grouping the fibers by length. He built a wood frame, then covered it with a layer of cardboard and another of black fabric. From there the painstaking process of routing the fibers in a way to looks convincing starts.[Mr Trick's] final product uses multiple LED light sources and even includes RF control.

Think this project is large and time-consuming? Check out the same idea built into a bedroom ceiling.


  1. Eirinn says:

    Ceiling cat finds this tribute to be acceptable.

  2. Daid says:

    Not perfect in this case, but easier to view. Not all image gallery links work in this instructable. I’m only human ;-)

  3. Davo1111 says:

    de ja vou?

  4. polo says:

    Loving the instructabliss Daid.

    Cool project, saw it a few days ago already though. :)

  5. tehgringe says:

    Not to be a troll, but did he just say ‘lighted’ – JHC get a grip, then a thesaurus. Try: Illuminated.

  6. Brian says:

    Reminds me of one my friends and I did in 78, used it to film space ship models. If you have an account consider voting for the guy to win the laser cutter.

  7. jim says:

    I might try this with mounting board. Looks great.

  8. nonermouse says:

    HaD should allow its readers to filter out all articles that relate to instructables.

  9. walt says:

    instructibles. what a fine site.

  10. Leithoa says:

    “…From there the painstaking process of routing the fibers in a way to[sic] looks convincing starts.”

    I normally try to not nit pick for grammar but…
    Who proof read this? I suppose it was meant to read “…From there the painstaking process of routing the fibers in a way *that* looks convincing starts.”

    Can we take some pride in the posts?

  11. Leithoa says:

    PS lighted is a valid word choice
    lighted: past participle, past tense of light (Verb)
    1. Provide with light or lighting; illuminate: “the room was lighted by a number of small lamps”.
    2. Switch on (an electric light

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