Mini Google Street View car built from Lego


[Mark] was playing around with a small GPS sensor when a light bulb lit over his head. He imagined it would be pretty cool to replicate one of Google’s Street View cars at a fraction of the scale using Lego NXT parts. He figured it would be easy enough to rig a few cameras to a remote controlled car, recording images and GPS coordinates as it went along.

The mini Street View car is controlled by a single NXT module that receives commands from a PS2 controller via a PSPNx sensor he purchased. A trio of cameras have been attached to the car, which are meant to take pictures in all different directions when triggered by his remote. A handful of additional motors are also used for driving the car, steering, and for activating the shutter release on the cameras.

The car worked decently during testing, but [Mark] says there is still plenty of room for improvement. He is having issues reliably triggering all cameras at the moment, but we’re sure he’ll have it sorted out soon enough.

Keep reading to see a video of his mini Street View car in action.


  1. unsy says:

    I love lego. Nice work…

  2. Anon says:

    Little ‘typo’ there:
    “PSP controller via a PSPNx ”
    “PlayStation 2 controller via a PSPNx”

    The name is a bit missleading, since they named it PSPNx instead of PS2Nx:

  3. MrBishop says:

    That is really cool. Make the camera about the same as an average persons height and I could see these things going around my Campus (University of Kentuckly) on the sidewalks and stuff just mapping out everything. Maybe even in some of the major buildings. I wonder if my professors would let me use this as my project when time comes. Well not this obviously since someone else made it but this extended and modified.

    Anyway really cool build man!

  4. elitesec says:

    Awesome I had a guy come to me that worked for ea and did a duplicate that toyota made of these

  5. Dennis says:

    Google Alley Cat View?

  6. ferdie says:

    do it log info from WIFI networks and open networks
    the real one have do it to

    but nice bild

  7. robomonkey says:

    be great to put under a deck and find out where those Freaking hornets are building a nest.

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