There’s more than meets the eye to this robot car

This is a robot that any Transformers enthusiast will love. Sure, the car looks just a bit boxy, but you’ll forget all about that when you see it unfold into a bipedal robot (translated). [Zak Sawa] is responsible for the creation. He pull off the build using 22 servo motors which let the car transform, and provide the somewhat awkward ability to walk. Fold it back up again and the car can drive away. In other words, here’s the Transformers toy that you always wanted; radio controled and it actually works!

This is the result of about four years of work. Apparently it’s the eighth iteration, and a note on the video after the break teases a ninth version on the way. It’s not just the robot that looks great, check out the carrying case that houses it for storage.

26 thoughts on “There’s more than meets the eye to this robot car

  1. There’s more to this robot car than meets the eye? It’s like one of those old standardized test questions.

  2. This guy deserves a X million dollar contract with whomever holds the rights to transformer toys…

    Effin awesome :)

  3. that’s a very nice touch with the robot doing a pushup to go in and out of the transformation process. that’s a direct take from the cartoons and movie.

  4. dude its friggin awesome! Is this a protype or do you have more model Transformers and how can I pick one up for my son who is a Transformer freak. LOL! Awesome work.

      1. I quick checked ebay for micro servos, but the servos that came up didnt looked quite small. Small but not tiny. What do I have to search for?

  5. Well, not as cool as this model, but at least you can sit in it: our shape-shifting electric car “EO”:

  6. Looks awesome, driving is awesome, transformation is awesome, fighty action is awesome, it’s gait however would leave it a bit embarrassed in front of optimus prime.

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