[Jimmy the torch] making blown glass

Skip to about 2:30 if you just want to see the action.

Blowing glass is always so pretty to watch. The warm glow of the glass mixed with the light playing through the cool parts makes for a stunning visual environment, especially when you stop to think about the fact that this is potentially a very dangerous thing as well.

In this video [Jimmy the torch] starts off very conversational. At about 2:30 things shift a bit. Some music starts up, the camera work gets a little more serious, and the real glass blowing begins.

4 thoughts on “[Jimmy the torch] making blown glass

  1. Ugh, horribly annoying video. Chatter about other things and then artsy-tartsy colors and blur. Worst of all, no shot of the (cool) finished product.

    1. after about 2:30 I loved it. I’m fine with not seeing the item he was working on completed. It isn’t necessarily about that item, more the process.

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