$25 coupon code for Texas Instruments store


If you’ve been coveting a piece of Texas Instruments hardware you should put in an order before September 30th. A coupon code for $25 off a purchase was posted to the Stellaris ARM Community forums and it should work until that date. Above is the overview of an order placed yesterday for two Tiva Launchpads (apparently TI has rebranded the Stellaris chips as Tiva for some odd reason). After applying the coupon code “National-1yr” the total price of [BravoV’s] order is just under one dollar (including shipping). The coupon code can be entered into a box on the right hand column of step #3 (payment) when placing an order.

UPDATE: There are now multiple comments reporting that the coupon code no longer works.

We’re pretty sure you can use this coupon code on anything in the TI store. But if you don’t have a Stellaris/Tiva Launchpad yet we highly recommend getting one. We picked ours up about a year ago. It’s a great way to try your hand at ARM programming. We have had some issues with how the breakout headers are organized — there’s some gotchas with multiple pins being connected (read the last five paragraphs of the project write up linked in this post for more). But for the price and ease of programming this will get you up and coding in no time. If you need some ideas of what to do with the board look at our posts tagged as “Stellaris”.

[Thanks Vlad]

108 thoughts on “$25 coupon code for Texas Instruments store

    1. How did you order anything from that website when on the checkout page it asks for information about your business? But I don’t own any business.

  1. appears to work on anything…just bought some wireless modules for free. The order is still ‘pending payment verification’ though, so we will see

  2. I ordered the launchpads, yet i’m very skeptical of the orders actually being fulfilled. I believe this will end just like the Razer coupon “craze”.

    1. Don’t be. It was working till now, can’t say how long will it work. I got 3 launchpads (Tiva, Piccolo, Stellaris) for around $4 including shipping. (Total was around $29)

  3. RE: ” (apparently TI has rebranded the Stellaris chips as Tiva for some odd reason)”

    As I understand it, the Tiva C series is Cortex-M4 based, whereas the Stellaris line is Cortex-M3 based. TI’s M4 implementation doesn’t include an Ethernet MAC, whereas some of the Cortex-M3 based Stellaris parts do. The Cortex-M4 adds some DSP instructions and the option for a FPU.

    1. Stellaris was a beta/pre-production line. Changes to the architecture and a new release they decided to change the name. Also rumor that there was some trademark issues.

      1. By the way, there is still Stellaris Lauchpad available (sme as Tiva board but with a different SKU of chips. So brand name atleast they are still holding)

      2. Definitely beta: There’s a few warnings in the more recent Stellaris datasheet that says to switch to the Tiva if any of the known issues affects you. Something about NVRam not lasting as long as it should I think?

    2. No, there was a Cortex-M4 LM4F line, as found in the first stellaris launchpad (worse, the stellaris launchpad have LX4F120, engineering samples). it’s actually the same chips as the TM4F123.

      the TM4F is intended to have less silicon bugs. the original stellaris had loads of them, including the inability to write anything in the eeprom (not flash).

    3. Nope. All of the existing Stellaris parts have been re-branded under the Tiva name.

      According to a source at TI, the only reason for the name change was that many Southeast Asians had difficulties pronouncing “Stellaris.”

      1. What’s so hard about pronouncing “Sterralis”? ;) I bet they change the name because they didn’t like the “staunchpad” nickname.

        1. “Coupon accepted” & “There is no charge for your item(s). Click Next below to review and complete your order”

          Order went through just fine as well and received an order confirmation email, so it’s still working as of now.

          1. Update:

            My cart crashed on screen 3. It took like 25 mins for it to lag threw. Eventually it gave me some stern talk that the server experienced an issue.
            Tried again , wouldnt accept it.
            A day later I got a conf email for my order. (just now)

            Not sure what happened exactly perhaps a cs rep fixed it :) But definitely worth trying.

  4. The shop seems very slow and spit out an error after the order process. But theres a confirmation-mail, so we’ll see…
    Free stuff is always good…

  5. Order Date: 9/18/2013 12:37 PM Order Total: $0.98 Balance: $0.98
    Status: Order Placed, Payment Authorized Payments: $0.00 Unprocessed Payments: $0.98

  6. almost had it….trying again. Just in time too, I’m starting to dive into micro-controllers. bought and arduino uno on e-bay. Never hurts to know something you can’t do.

  7. check the order status if you get stuck. Looks like mine is ordered! Cool! Launchpad eval kit. Let the spark and smoke start flying!

  8. There is a difference between the old stellaris launchpad and the tiva launchpad, PWM has been added to the tiva. Otherwise both systems are identical, the tiva software will work with the stellaris and vise versa (with exception of stellaris software not having a clue what PWM is and the PWM demos from the tiva software not working)

  9. Coupon code worked for me, but the website is really bogged down. The checkout process threw an error — hoping my order went through.

  10. i get coupon codes from them all the time (for work i buy tons of there modules) but they all appear to be individual … dunno how he got this … but im abusing it XD

  11. I’ve been trying for 3 hours, always getting a server error on steps 3 or 4 of checkout. It will apply the coupon, error out, and empty my cart. So frustrating. Me wants free goodies!

    1. Gaahh! Now it’s saying I can’t use the code! Hours of producitvity lost, spent trying to get free stuff. Kinda ironic, methinks.

    1. I get the same message, “You are no longer allowed to use this coupon” ;( Guess they noticed too many people were using the code.

    1. Worry not, Dan! The fact that you were in class means that you’ll eventually be more able to buy things from the TI store without a coupon!

  12. It seems this coupon is no longer valid. just tried it and it said i “can no longer use this coupon.” the ti site is very slow and i had to reload several pages more than once, but it appears someone made a mistake and they have corrected it.

  13. It was working for me, but I had to refresh the site so many times and it gave me a similar error to everyone else. I bet it’s one use per customer.

  14. Thanks Ti! (in case you’re reading this): I’ve prepared a “booster pack” for your DDC118 A/D converter. Getting three Stellaris Launchpads for free enables me to give a few dev kits to some of my friends!

    1. My account is a couple of years old as well. Didn’t work for me either. Oh well. Would’ve liked that Hercules board. Only thing stopping me was the anemic GPIO. Only 8 in that configuration??

      1. My account has some years too, and I’ve purchased and received free samples in the past, but it didn’t work for me. I wanted a TI Chronos so I could make a REM sleep detector.

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