Clever Mini-Matchstick Gun


Looking for a quick fun little project you can do for next to nothing? Why not make your own matchstick/toothpick launcher!

[Grant Thompson] the [King of Random] is at it again with another fun project that anyone can do — we just hope you’re responsible with it! All you need is some clothespins, a utility knife, and some form of munition — we like the flaming matches!

By cutting a few grooves into the clothespin, gluing it back together and re-configuring the spring layout, you can make a formidable mini-gun that can shoot upwards of 20 feet. Using a pointy toothpick it will skewer innocent fruits quite effectively too!

To see it in action and to learn how to make one yourself, stick around after the break.

[Grant] can’t take all the credit for it though, as it was originally inspired by [Samarai's] Instructable the Clothespin Gun, which also has some neat ideas about modifications!


  1. jipgsje says:

    Next big thing in american prisons.

  2. supershwa says:

    I’m blown away by the simplicity. I’m also going to try this with some strike-anywhere matches. }:)

    • r4k says:

      I did this when I was a kid in the 70s. There is a *much* simpler version that ignites the match while it is being launched. Takes less than a minute to make and requires only one simple notch cut. I’m sure you can find plans on the interwebz. Unfortunately, most modern strike-anywhere matches contain so little of the strike-anywhere material that this no longer works reliably.

  3. zerobotman says:

    this has been around for ever.

    • dombeef says:

      I also remember it, but what about the people that havent? I havent seen anything about this in more than 5 years, but there ought to be some people on this site that havent heard of it yet

  4. gunmahoro says:

    I don’t know about forever, but I made these as a preteen and I’m 54.

  5. Billy says:

    Great, now we can ban these too for being a fire arm!

  6. Andrew says:

    Luckily it wasn’t 3D printed, so there will be no moral outrage.

  7. the gambler says:

    oh just wait till both the tsa and nsa find out about this. no more cloths pins on airplanes for you plus a 3 day waiting period, maybe even a national registry for those trying to buy cloths pins……

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t worry, the clothespin lobby will throw so much money at Congress and the media to push FUD about an “anti-clothespin agenda” that nothing will ever happen. (Well, clothespin sales will skyrocket in the mass hysteria, netting the clothespin lobby even more money, but other than that…)

    • supershwa says:

      Gosh, if they take my clothespins from me, I just won’t be able to fly anymore…

  8. Sven says:

    I like the rubber band version better, where you cut a small notch in the match and stretch a rubber band in such a way that the match stays in the grip of the clothespin until it is opened.

  9. Roy Gillotti says:

    I stumbled on this the other day from a link off thingiverse.. it looks like someone put some effort and made a 3D printable version of this.. and some of he remixes that use the same clothespin spring are pretty good.

  10. Tom the Brat says:

    hehe Things you wouldn’t want me to know about, or would be frightened to find I did know about.

  11. Noone says:
  12. Zach says:

    I made one of these after i saw it on instructables! Quite satisfying for some reason.

  13. thevac says:

    If you’re going to post KoR stuff post his cool things like the scariac or his buzz box. this honestly kind of insults him in my opinion.

  14. ARV says:

    Неужели стрелялку из прищепки изобрели?! Помнится, в школьные годы мы такие точно делали – дай бог памяти, в 1978 году вроде как…

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