Phlashing denial of service attack, the new hype

Imagine how surprised we were to discover that by accidentally bricking our router we were executing a brand new attack: Phlashing Denial Of Service (PDOS). This week at EUSecWest, researcher [Rich Smith] will present the theoretical PDOS attack. Instead of taking over control of an embedded system, the attacker turns it into a nonfunctioning brick by flashing it with a broken firmware. Anyone who has flashed a device knows the danger of interrupting the procedure.

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i2c for the fonera

La Fonera’s are getting pretty popular lately. [Lefinnois] hacked his to get i2c working. He used a 75LS05 to adapt the io levels, and some bit banging in the software to pull it off. Now the Fonera can be used for inexpensive remote monitoring via inexpensive i2c devices. Not to mention that this could provide a cheap network interface for various micro-controller projects. (I’m thinking networked thermostat for my new house.)

Fonera ram upgrade

[buggs187] thought of this when he saw the dual antenna lafonera mod. [Goldserv] picked up a SODIMM off ebay with the right chips and used a SMD removal kit to swap out the 16MB SMD memory chip. After some software patching, he managed to get the full 32MB recognized.


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