Run Mac Os X On Your Xbox

mac os on xbox

if you ever wanted to do a really really weird hack, here’s one of the oddest ones. the good news is, you don’t need to crack up your xbox to do this, it’s all software, the end result is an xbox running apple’s mac os x.

this step by step shows softmodding the xbox, getting the software, disk images, configuration and the install.

25 thoughts on “Run Mac Os X On Your Xbox

  1. I admit not to have read the article as yet so forgive me if this is already covered.
    Would it be possible to run itunes on this modded xbox? (maxbox?) also would there be any way of using the maxbox as some kind of media centre … maybe for recording TV?

    Just a thought.

  2. you might add usb to it, trough the pso usb thing, or make your own usb controller cable, the thing is plugging an eye tv, i think, dont quote me cuz i aint sure, but im gonna try anyway

  3. While you may be able to do this, it’s not very useable, the JIT version of pear PC runs at 1/15th the CPU speed and the version running of the x-box is not even the jit version so it’s even slower. So even if you did get the JIT version running, you only have a 47MHZ PPC running on the x-box.

  4. While this certainly raits high on the novel/geek factor, it’s likely not that useful. As stated, you’re severely limitted with your I/O connectors and the hardware limitations.

    What would be considerably more useful would be linux on the XBox if you could successfully configure a GUI. Note that “considerably more useful” is being used lightly since one should be able to buy a cheap computer if they can afford an XBox and it’ll be 100 times more useful *as a computer* than an XBox is. :)

  5. I wonder if theres a way to do the oppoosite, that is make a g5 tower into an xbox? You’d be able to take advantage of a 64-bit dual processor system… I have no clue how it’d be done, just think it’d be cool.

  6. could you get the internet on the xbox if you did this. i use a router so i would get the wireless and attach it to my xbox. it would be cool (god i sound liek a geek) just to beable to get this to work…

  7. The most useful hack for an xbox is Xbox Media Center. Visualizations, playlist shufling, all sorts of movie codecs. All the fun stuff you want in a media player, supposedly it can amplify sound so it should be able to directly output to a speaker as well.
    About the usb idea, the xbox controllers run basically on a usb connection, thus making your own, or even buying a isb adapter is very easy.
    About the internet, you you can. I get rss feeds from and from sesnt to my xbox, and I also get the local weather. I have been on IRC and downloaded some stuff directly to my xbox as well. Though I must say, get a compatable usb keyboard if you plan to do so. On screen keyboards suck.

  8. I have been trying to get into the modding/hacking craze for a long time but I have been secluded from information until recently. Since I was young(er) I’ve wanted to mod and hack, not computers, but consoles. I am an avid gamer and have been taking stuff apart for a long time, just to see how it works (I have a hefty collection of busted consoles and controllers now). Anyway, as you probably guessed, I want to get into modding but I want something easy to start with so that I can progress. Does anyone know an easy Xbox mod or were I could start looking?

  9. I have an Imac with a superdrive (DVD burner), how can I get the xbox media center onto my chipped xbox, and how can I back-up my games, lastly how can I get my GBA roms (wich are on my mac HD) on to the xbox.

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