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my 3g ipod is officially scratched up, ipods are great–but only meant to be viewed behind glass and perhaps with white gloves if you need to touch it. so, i was thinking of painting the whole thing black, bono style, but i think i’ll make it look brushed metaly. here’s a site that shows how.

and just a site update, we now have categories–so, for example, you can go to or click and see all our ipod hacks.

8 thoughts on “Brushed Metal Ipod

  1. I’ve done this to my 1G 10Gig after I got a 4G 40gig, wow just realized my buying formula is Generation * 10gig, so maybe I’ll get an 8G 80Gig, sorry to sidetrack but I did this with a foam sanding pad, make sure you go straight up and down or it will look like crap. But it turned out really nice, and covered up all the scratches.

  2. yeah, i just did it today and it looks awesome
    i used a scotch brite scrub thingy and when i did the back i placed the ipod right next to a book and the book acted as a guide for the scrub and kept the ipod straight as well

    i also was inspired to repair some scratches i got from having a pen in the same pocket as my ipod…i got some brasso, which is a metal polisher but it worked amazingly well on the front of the ipod and got rid of some ugly scratches

  3. Sure, let’s think “diferent” like mr. torres said and let’s buy a generic, comercial, built by the millions case instead of personalizing our ipods. (sarcasm, in case he didn’t notice)

    I did it to mine, 3G 15gig and it so cool, recomend it to everybody, it’s easy and you can add cool designs

  4. Brasso defnitely works to get rid of scratches (big and small) on the ipod screen front. My heart sank to find my ipod screen tarnished with a couple of deep-ish scratches on the screen. I must have left it in my handbag (maybe Apple would recommend not taking it out of its orignal packaging?) Anyway… BRASSO WORKED LIKE A DREAM. No doubt about it. Yes… you’ll definitely need to put a bit of elbow grease into it and use the right type of cloth, but it’s well worth it.

    I used the liquid form of Brasso on a good quality glasses cloth and used mixed strokes to remove the scratches. 2 hours later and my mini pod screen looks brand new. A happy customer.

    Go on. What you waiting for? Try it. It works!!

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