Build Your Own Batphone

build your own batphone

i have a phone line in the house, but haven’t plugged a phone in to it in over 3 years. i keep it around since i use dsl, but now that i’ve seen this neat project, i think i’m going to make a batphone. this how-to has pretty much all you need, i think i might make a slightly different version where the bat phone is a bluetooth headset, then i don’t need to use the phone line.

One thought on “Build Your Own Batphone

  1. Who would you choose a person to call ? It can be added a speed dail and bank in memory dail… So, my question who should be in the phone dail? it’s only one button that’ll dail to ONLY one person… BATMAN? your girlfriend? Yo momma? who???

    I will choose somebody to prank joke on them… (prank on client).. So, if i’m boring and i can pick up the red phone and play prank on my client!…

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