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a few readers have sent this in after news of tivo selling out on us–build your own personal video recorder, slackware linux 9.1 mythtv install guide, building a pvr in 3 or so steps for about $200 and zed’s dvd player case mod dvr. post up other diy pvrs in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Build Your Own Pvr

  1. Just wanted to say hello and welcome all the turkey day hackaday folks visiting byopvr today. Feel free to start a thread in the build your own PVR forum
    (anonymous posting is allowed).

    So if you have a question or want any guidance on your DIY PVR quest don’t be shy.

    I’ll also check back here periodically to see if there’s any questions and answer the best I can =)

    take care,


  2. I have a pvr from dish network and have no service with them. I’m running it through my tv via rca jacks so I can watch what I had stored on the hard drive. Can I use this DishPRV508 to record from my tv? I also have a direct tv system hooked up with a r15 dvr (with service). I don’t get out much and just wanted to see if I could hook up another recorder (since I own it anyway).

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